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About Us

Evan Johnson, Founder of Evans Garden


Evan's Garden was founded in the year 2000. We have striven to create the finest natural and organic products for home and body available anywhere.


Evan Symonds is known for her strong belief that one should never compromise quality. She is the creative person who formulates all our Evan's Garden products, handmakes them and sets our standards. She's the head honcho here but beause she likes to get to know customers, when you call, don't be surprised if she picks up. She has a personal touch and sincere caring about her customers.


In a day and age when petrochemicals, synthetics and drugs assault us from practically everywhere, it's a relief to find and use products that work naturally with our bodies, not against them. What we put on our skin is sure to be absorbed, where it can help... or harm. Evan's viewpoint is that it would be irresponsible to make products that aren't natural and safe. She has learned from life experiences and vast study of natural health approaches, that only natural substances heal and comfort us in a completely positive way.


For more information about our philosophy, read Evan's Essay on Nature.


Evan's a stickler for standards. When it comes to choosing ingredients and formulating, there's no compromising. She selects the most natural ingredients she can find, as close as possible to their whole, raw and untampered state. Whenever possible, these are organically grown, biodynamically grown (viewed as "beyond organic" because of the time-honored, natural cultivation techniques) or responsibly wild-harvested. Her products deliver the power of organic, whole-plant nutrition. On so many levels, you can feell the love and reverence for nature that went into their making.


Evan is also an artist and is about to release her first music CD! She's been writing music and singing all her life. Evan composes and arranges, performs the instrumental tracks and records all the vocals. Go to the Evan's Music page on this site to find the link so you can listen to her songs.


When Evan first began to forrmulate products for her own use (the first was Tooth & Gum Powder so she might avoid dental surgery), the products were so uniquely workable and lovely that the idea of sharing them with others and making a business of it occured to her and to the family and friends with whom she had been sharing her creations. Thus Evan's Garden, Inc. was formed.


Annalisa came to us several years ago as an answer to Evan's prayers. It's true. She is Evan's right arm who makes the whole process flow of getting you your orders quickly and accurately. Annalisa's initiative, orderliness, thoroughness nad caring make one very big reason that you get orders filled and shipped right. Evan and Annalisa make an energetic, smoothly coordinating production team and somehow, heavy seriousness never seems to enter in. One can hear giggles, singing and feel intense focus and purpose emanating from this workplace all day.


Big thanks also go to Evan's ex and close friend, Kevin, for a zillion contributions; to Evan's daughters: to Kendra, for important help with accounting; to Désirée for her search engine optimization, design and marketing help; and in particular to her youngest, Liberty Rose, whose hard work side by side with Mama, whose bright ideas, brillliant problem-solving skills and love made this business possible when so much had to be learned and worked out, in the beginning years. She helped test products, name them, choose containers and sizes, approve of eye color shades...all those many big and litlte choices that could boggle anybody's mind. Evan recognizes that without Libby's support, honest appraisal, wisdom and creative input, the business would probably not exist. But it does indeed! All of us take joy in that and are downright proud.


We're a small and happy team. And guess what? You are on this team! You are why we do this. And without your support, we'd not have made it through our first thirteen years. You brag about us to others, you let us know patiently when we mess up so we can fix it, you give us your bright ideas, share your wins with us and tell us what you want. You keep coming back.


We are blessed to have you as a customer.

With love and thanks,

Evan and the Evan's Garden Gang