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Affliate Info



Thanks for your interest in joining as an Evan's Garden Affiliate! We will be delighted to have you join us as one. Our Affiliates earn 15% commissions on purchases made by the people that they refer to us via their Affiliate Link.

In order to be an Affiliate, all you need is either your own website or blog where you can post your Affiliate Link or a membership at one or more social networking sites that permit you to post such links. The more places you post your link, the better you will do as an Affiliate. So go for it!

To sign up as an Evan's Garden Affiliate, please click

To log-in to your existing Affiliate Account, click

Feel free to email
us or call us at 1.727.776.4824 if you have any questions.



Refer-a-Friend Info

We're very excited to announce our new Refer-a-Friend program for Evan's Garden!

The program is for anyone who wishes to refer one or more people to us but who does not have the desire or the means to become a full-fledged Affiliate.

To clarify, Affiliates need to have their own website or blog or social networking page where they post a special link to us from that page. Affiliates also need to sign up AS affiliates. Affiliates earn cash on their referrals and for a busy Affiliate, this can certainly add up. So we DO encourage you to take advantage of the Affiliate program and you may sign up for it

However, some of you may not have a place to post the special Affiliate link, or you just want to refer your friends or family or co-workers on a more casual basis. For those of you, we have this simple Refer-a-Friend program.

To refer one or more friends, do the following:

1. Log-in to your Evan's Garden Account (or create one if you have not already done so). To Log-in (or create) an Account, click on the link at the top right of any page on our website, "Account Log In or Create" or go to
 this link


2. Once you are logged in, on your Account page you will see various sections with green title bars. Under the one at the bottom, "Account: Log In or Create," click on the "Refer Friends" link:

3. A special "Refer Friends" window will open up:

In the "Personal Message" section, write whatever personal note you'd like to say to the person (or persons) you wish to refer.

In the "Emails" section, enter one or more email addresses. If you enter more than one email address, separate each address with a comma.

When everything looks fine, then click the "Send" button and each of the people you referred will be sent an email that contains your personal message along with a link to It's easy!

[NOTE: we cannot see, capture, store or use any of the email addresses you enter when you use the Refer-a-Friend system. Your friends' contact information is kept totally secure - we won't know any of this information until and unless they contact us and explicitly share their information.] 

The link in the email that your Referrals receive will contain a code that will tell our system to credit your account with Reward Points for any future purchases that the referred person makes.

Your referral Reward Points are not just given on the first purchase, as we used to do, but for ALL future purchases your Referral makes under the account that she/he sets up after being referred by you. The system simply totals up the Reward Points that the person earns on own orders (currently 5% of the value of their Evan's Garden product purchases) and credits YOUR account with the same number of Reward Points. The more your Referred person purchases, the more points you earn.

So now, you get Reward Points on anything YOU purchase as well as on anything your REFERRED PEOPLE purchase.

Your earned Reward Points may be applied to any of your future purchases. 

Referring your Friends helps your friends enjoy Evan's Garden products, saves you money on your own and gives a wonderful boost to Evan's Garden. That's a triple win! 

We hope you take advantage of this new Refer-a-Friend program and do refer everyone on your email list to Evan's Garden. We'll be so happy to share our goodies with your circle of friends and help more people get the results they've looked for, safely and naturally.

Much love,