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Amazing Balm for Dry Skin™

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Amazing treatment for chapped, very dry, cracking skin.


Amazing Balm for Dry Skin is a remarkable treatment for slightly dry to very dry, chapped, cracking skin. The lovely-smelling balm soothes and nourishes skin, returning softness and suppleness. Its ingredients nourish and help hold moisture in the skin, while beeswax makes a protective barrier to keep skin soft as the day goes on. Great for skin roughened by climate, hard work, gardening and such.


Smooth on hands, elbows, feet, face, anywhere. Give a bit of time for the balm to soak in. Re-apply if you wash frequently. The balm is a mixture of highly nourishing, rare, skin-renewing ingredients. You'll find that a small amount may be all you need since the balm is rich and spreads well. For dry, chapped hands or feet, in addition to daytime use, massage into the skin at night and, if you have them, you might wish to put on cotton gloves or cotton socks.


For dry facial skin, apply Amazing Balm for Dry Skin with or on top of your other Evan's Garden skin creams and serums. This product is not a substitute for these other very special treats, but if you need more oomph handling dryness, it can do the trick. I suggest a spritz of Skin Perfection Mist before or after applying your balm and other skin treatments. Use at night and see how soft your skin is in the morning!


Just to share with you what I do, I always use As Young As I Feel Serum™ (hey, I need it!), La Creme de la Creme™ and other goodies routinely. Now that it's a dry and at times very cold winter here, I add a bit of my new balm on top.






Aloe vera gel, arnica extract, avocado oil, beeswax, cherry infusion in jojoba oil, colloidal platinum, emu oil, frankincense, geranium and German chamomile essential oils, grapefruit seed extract, hyaluronic acid, jasmine oil infusion, jojoba oil, karanja oil, lanolin, lavender essential oil, mastic essential oil,  Matrixyl 3000®, MSM, oat seed extract, parsley seed oil, propolis, rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, shea butter, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, vanilla absolute, vitamin E mixed tocopherols. 

Use on hands, feet, elbows, anywhere. Allow time for the balm to soak in. If you wash frequently, reapply. 

Outstanding product and does much more than work on dry skin! Great for minor burns I found too. I highly recommend it!
I love this product! My hands show the wear of many years work as a nurse, washing my hands in harsh soaps many times a day. This product smells great and works beautifully. It is Urgent Care for skin and I highly recommend it!
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