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Astonishing!™ Household SuperClean™ Powder

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$15.95 - $29.75
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Astonishing! Household SuperClean Powder is an all-purpose, chlorine-free, safe, non-toxic cleaning powder that can be used for laundry (fabulous and you need no fabric softener), the dishwasher, handwashing dishes and, basically, every cleaning job other than cleaning varnished furniture and varnished floors (it is too solvent and can remove the varnish). A safe, effective cleaner for the easy and the tough jobs. If something is resistant to coming off, just wet the area down and add the powder and let the water and powder sit on the hardened gunk for just a bit. Wipe and wooosh, gone! Astonishing! Powder is great for pet odors, mildewed laundry, toilets, floors — you name it. The one exception is varnished objects such as furniture. Astonishing's naturally solvent essential oils may remove the varnish, so test first.

Astonishing! Powder makes no suds (suds have nothing to do, really, with cleaning), is non-abrasive and gentle to the skin, especially in Original scent. This scent, from a blend of antibacterial essential oils, is beautiful, refreshing and invigorating. We have had letters from customers telling us that cleaning was aesthetic and enjoyable, even kinda hard to stop doing, because of the great scent of the Original blend. Customers also love our Citrus-Spice essential oil blend —  and this version is as unwelcoming to germs as the Original. Try them both to see which you prefer.


You need not use much Astonishing! SuperClean Powder to get is deeply endowed in essential oils that are naturally solvent and disinfectant. Use can always add more.


We now send Astonishing Powder in a bag from which you can refill the jar you have or scoop into a canning jar or some other ideally glass lidded container.  This will enable us to reduce the shipping cost to you a bit and it is better for the environment.   

Astonishing! Household SuperClean Powder contains baking soda, borax (a natural mineral), pure essential oil blend.

J. F
Excellent product! I dissolve some in a bucket of water and wipe down walls, cabinets, etc. I use it to mop floors. I use it in the dishwasher and it doesn't leave that chalky film on glasses and dishes. I use it as laundry soap. If I could give it more stars for all of its uses and cleaning power, I would!
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