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Clarity™ Spot Serum

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Good news for those with blemishes. Oils and essential oils selected to help deal with infection and imbalanced sebum (oil) production. Use on blemish spots directly. Powerful! Now fortified with even more "zit-zapping power!" Best when used in conjunction with the Clarity Skin Regimen.

Acne-prone skin has special needs. In creating Clarity products, I've aimed to address these needs naturally, safely and very effectively.

Some "solutions" on the market simply strip the oil from the skin, while others attack bacteria with harsh chemical disinfectants or peroxide treatments. These aggressive approaches may irritate and damage the skin as much as or more than the acne itself aand often produce no lasting, positive effects.

Our newest product is Clarity Spot Serum, loaded with the plant essences known to assist with these situations. Try it today!

Clarity Spot Serum contains aloe vera gel, apricot kernel oil black currant seed oil, arnica-infused olive oil, camellia oil, clary sage hydrosol, evening primrose oil, fragrance (pure essential oils), citrus seed extract, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, lavender hydrosol, neem oil, neroli hydrosol, olive leaf extract, oregano-infused olive oil, peppermint hydrosol, rose hip seed oil, rosemary extract, sesame oil, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, Vitamin E (mixed tocotrienols & tocopherols), yarrow hydrosol.

Apply to blemishes that are not open wounds (broken skin). Shake bottle well first. Use a drop or less. Apply only to blemishes once or a few times a day as needed.

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