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Creme Rose™ Hydrating Youth Cream and Eye Cream

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Our anti-aging herbal skin care day cream is here!


I recognized the need for an anti wrinkle cream that is super-antioxidant and amazing, like Ma Jeunesse™, but that is easy to use in the morning when we tend to be in a dash - an antiaging skin care day cream.


While I say that, I will also tell you that I use both Ma Jeunesse and Creme Rose as either day or night skin treatments. Do whatever works best for you. These work together so well and with the serum (As Young As I Feel™) you have an unbeatable trio that goes to work with synergistic power. Play wth these and see which combinations work best for you and what you prefer for the day and the night.


We recommend that you keep Creme Rose under refrigeration during hot months especially, to maintain it in optimum freshness. Its ingredients are fresh, unrefined, whole-plant and very full of life, so best kept cold. If you will not have it used up within a month or so, be sure to refrigerate it. You might just want to keep it in the fridge anyway.


For convenience, a good idea is to store the regular or large jar in the fridge and have a bit of Creme Rose in a small jar by your sink. The cream remains gorgeous for a long time when refrigerated. We carry little jars for this use and as handy travel jars. You have these jars if you keep Intro or Trial Kit containers and clean and dry them very well for future use.


The sample size is available to enable you to try the cream. It is an introductory size meant to give you a feel for the cream and to allow you to check for sensitivity. Samples are non-refundable and if you have not purchased or tried Creme Rose already, we ask you to get the sample first.


Powerful Herbal Skin Care For Everyday


I LOVE this anti wrinkle cream! I keep looking in the mirror. It's still me but dang, I look good! Can't get over how soft my skin is! And hey, where did my pores go?


My new anti wrinkle product deserves to be and so hereby is formally dubbed... Crème Rose! With all the roses in my product names, it's no secret that, like most of the human race, I revere her royal highness, Queen of the Plant World! And like its namesake, Crème Rose anti wrinkle product brings to the wearer benefits on many levels.


Antiaging Skin Care That Really Works


Yours truly, getting to be what you'd have to call, delicately, an old broad, chose the ingredients of Crème Rose to help reverse aging and wake up lifeless skin; to help bring a fresh, dewy moistness to the skin, to soften it, to clarify it and give it a smooth, pore-less look and of course, to help handle wrinkles and every and all signs of aging including having a predilection for bread pudding and Bingo (joke!).


The cream spreads very far, so I think you'll be pleased with how long a jar can last (a small dab does my whole face). I've used some for my legs, arms and decolletage (the area below the neck that a low cut dress shows off). I noticed that my skin, wherever I apply it, responds by looking younger, firmer and feeling so, so soft. There's a healthy radiance, a dewy glow.


Although rose figures as a very prominent ingredient in this formulation, with rose essential oil, rose otto, rose hydrosol, rose hip seed oil, no one ingredient by itself is the "savior" of the skin. All of its plant treasures contribute to the whole.


Roses are at the heart of it, though. Did you know that they contain more than 300 distinct plant chemicals? The rose has hydrating, reparative and many other wonderful effects on the skin. It's astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and is very helpful to balance and restore sensitive skin. It is humectant which means that it helps your skin retain moisture. And vital to the health and beauty of the skin, rose benefits blood flow.


This cream will be wonderful for dry skin, but I expect virtually any skin type to benefit. Roses, like lavender, help all skin types - normal (balanced), oily, combination, aging, sensitive. Our friend, the rose, comes to our aid, helping clear up skin problems.


The plant waters and essential oils were chosen for their synergy and aimed for not only renewal but calming, cooling, de-stressing. In fact, most of the ingredients of Crème Rose are cooling as per Asian medicine and help calm or handle redness, inflammation, rosacea, couperose, small broken capillaries, rashes, eczema and sensitivities.


Roses relate to the heart physically and in lore. They calm us, spiff up our hormones and whisper to us that maybe it would be fun to take some time off for romance. Roses help regulate the menstrual period and hormones, stimulate the nervous system function, are anti-stress. Calm but sexy. Very nice.


With Crème Rose I wanted to help women, so I chose plant waters, essential oils and even oils that have phytochemicals (phyto refers to plants) that especially support a woman's nervous and endocrine systems. Many ingredients are known to help women in menopause, with symptoms of PMS or other imbalances.


For a more universal application, there are no nut oils, coconut or other ingredients as far as I know likely to cause allergic reactions (although allergies can happen, and to really anything). And as always, any ingredient I can locate as organically grown is, and all are in the freshest, most complete state possible.


Any difference between Ma Jeunesse and Crème Rose? Definitely. You might compare Ma Jeunesse to vegetables and Crème Rose to fruits and flowers. They are similar but different and we need each. Some use Ma Jeunesse at night and Crème Rose in the morning, but as I said above, you can work this any ole way you want, even layering them as I do.


Ma Jeunesse is a firming, tightening, restructuring youth cream with super-bioavailable nutrients (they arrive!) from freshly ground nuts and seeds plus a fermented concoction I call Briny Brew. All these with the other antioxidants and plant essences it abounds in make Ma Jeunesse the treasure it is. Every ingredient I singled out for its powers of cellular regeneration and repair. Your skin feels fed down to the very bottom. If you've been using it you know just what I'm talking about.


I wanted a day cream, simple to apply, that continues the renewal and protection while enveloping the skin and us in fresh flowers. Crème Rose, like Ma Jeunesse contains all known nutrients in whole bottom-of-the-food-chain form. As I mentioned, it's very humectant (catching and holding moisture from the air in the skin), astringent (tightens, contracts tissues) and refining. Upon application, I feel an energy increase in the skin that, to try to say this right is tough, but then becomes very calming. My skin feels as if it were being wakened up and there's a subtle, smooth flow of calm energy.


Crème Rose is intended to support us as women. This is a gift to women. a bit of subtle, healing help through our busy days.


Enjoy! :-) Evan


P.S. Eye Cream


Crème Rose serves as an excellent eye cream. In fact, I created it to live a double life - youth cream and eye cream. It is safe and very gentle for the delicate eye area. Crème Rose hydrates and softens the skin beautifully. Its richly nourishing, antioxidant formula can help the eye area appear more youthful. Crème Rose contains plant ingredients reputed to help reduce eye area puffiness and the appearance of fine lines. Allow the cream to penetrate fully before applying eye make-up. Eye area skin is quite different from other skin on your face, thinner, more vulnerable, so it's wisest to be gentler there. In applying eye cream, use the pad of your weakest finger, usually the fourth or the pinky, to gently pat the cream in. Avoid rubbing the area or stretching the skin. I suggest applying eye cream above the eye only to the brow bone and not below that; gravity will take care of bringing the cream closer to the lid. You can be more liberal below the eye, applying it there where you wish, but again not extremely close to the lid. This is to help protect your eyeball from getting coated with oil.

Crème Rose Hydrating Youth Cream & Eye Cream contains aloe vera gel, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, black currant seed oil, callophyllum inophyllum (also called tamanu or foraha oil from Tahiti), camellia oil, castor oil, cornflower hydrosol, evening primrose oil, fragrance (pure essential oils), geranium hydrosol, German chamomile hydrosol, citrus seed extract, grape seed oil, idebenone, jojoba oil, lavender hydrosol, lemon verbena hydrosol, liquid trace minerals complex, lipoic acid, melissa hydrosol, MSM, neroli hydrosol, noni herb, olive oil, olive squalane, palm stearic, pumpkin seed oil, neem oil, oat seed extract, rooibus herb infusion, Roman chamomile hydrosol, rose hip seed oil, rose hydrosol, rosemary hydrosol, rosemary extract, rose otto, shea butter, St. John's Wort hydrosol, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, tapioca starch, vegetable emulsifying wax, Vitamin E: mixed tocotrienols (high-potency, 40 to 50 times more powerful than tocopherols)and mixed tocopherols, water for herbal tea infusion, witch hazel hydrosol, xanthan gum.

Apply to clean face and neck. Avoid getting into eyes, but fine to apply to the eye area.

This product is so rich and creamy--I just love it and am tempted to eat it with a spoon, it smells and feels so good. It is absorbed into my skin instantly and I would do a complete body wrap with a barrel of it if I could. Anyone with dry skin will treasure this product!
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