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DreamSoap™ Natural Facial Cleanser

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Months of research into the herbal healing methods of many cultures and eras went into my creation of DreamSoap Facial Cleanser. It's a powerful but safe and gentle concoction of natural ingredients to clean the face and enhance health and beauty.


You'll appreciate the lack of sodium lauryl (or sodium laureth) sulfate (often described as "coconut-based"...sure, but the changes that poor coconut went through!), chemical fragrances, or any cheap, caustic, petrochemical, pesticide-laden, dangerously preserved or chancy ingredients. I left all that garbage out of DreamSoap (like any of my products) and used natural ingredients without their goodness heated or refined out. Read more about the ingredients I use and do not use at the top of the Ingredients page. 


What is in it? Let's put it this way, cleansing your face with DreamSoap is treating yourself to a banquet for hungry skin. Your skin never had it so good! Take a look at DreamSoap's ingredients — you might think you're reading a list of whole foods in a fabulous, natural health smoothie! These days, with our bodies all too often starved for real, live, untampered-with food, we can use every exposure we can get to pure plant power. Pure Plant Power? Yes...whole, organically grown plants able to deliver precious phytonutrients to the skin.


DreamSoap feels like a combination of a gentle sudsing cleanser and a cream cleanser — it's the best of both worlds. Very concentrated...all you need is 3 to 4 drops. Work up a lather, close your eyes, inhale the scent of pure natural ingredients and enjoy. DreamSoap can remove make-up and normally does on a once-over, however some very persisting kinds of make-up (if you check their ingredients, you want to throw them out) might take an extra go. Do rinse well, preferably with pure (unchlorinated, unfluoridated, natural) water. DreamSoap rinses free and leaves pores unclogged. You'll love how your face feels...soft, nourished, so very clean and fresh! It's not just a cleanser, but the start of your powerful skin treatment program. Now you're ready to get the most out of the next all-natural Evan's Garden products you're applying. 


Varieties of DreamSoap

People of any skin type can use any DreamSoap variety, with this exception: if skin is very oily and/or acneic, Clarity is the likeliest candidate to help handle that. So although any "scent" of DreamSoap is fine to choose if you prefer it, here's some info on the differences in them:


Bare & Beautiful™ is my way of saying that I added to the basic recipe which you see the ingredients of above no further essential oils.


Lavender in Bloom™ — utterly gorgeous lavender essential oil added. Lavender is a rejuvenating plant, helps the skin regenerate healthy cells and repair. It famously assists our nerves to connect and function, too. Lavender, then, relaxes us body and soul while it helps the body feel more alive with its poshing up of the nervous system. If more than one kind of skin-typed person is using the DreamSoap bottle or if your skin goes through changes, Lavender in Bloom is your wisest choice, for lavender is tremendously beneficial to every skin type, oily, dry, blemished, scarred, sensitive, aging, combination. This is why we include Lavender in Bloom as the variety of DreamSoap in all our Intro Kits. Lavender is a God-send. After rose, it has more plant chemicals than any other plant at my last checking. If uncertain, choose the lavender.


Fresh Flowers™ is a bouquet of natural floral beauty, including rose, jasmine, lavender, neroli, geranium and others. These were chosen for their benefits to the skin and in combination particularly for dry or aging skin.


Orange Fantasy™ — orange is most applicable to dry or aging skin, but, interestingly, also good for oily, and other complexions. Orange Fantasy has a hint of spice in the form of cardamom — anti-oxidant, helpful in circulation, in respiration of the skin as well as lungs and (since we absorb through the skin and breathe these in, great for digestion). Also contains rose essential oil, fabulous for all skin types.


Fresh Fruit™ — a refreshing blend of grapefruit, lime and other fruits, lavender, eucalyptus, etc....invigorating and good especially for oily skin.


Clarity™ — this is a blend of many essential oils I created to help handle pretty bad oiliness and acne. It smells so wonderful, too! (I have been requested to make a cologne of it.) If your skin is mildly oily or blemished, also try Lavender in Bloom, which is included in the Clarity System for days when the oiliness and acne are not very bad or are cleared up.


By the way, men have loved using DreamSoap as passionately as women and any "flavor" may be a man's choice, Fresh Flowers, Lavender in Bloom, Fresh Fruit, etc. Scent is a matter of personal choice and I find that men appreciate flowers as much as ladies do.


Ingredients are listed in alphabetical order here to make it easier for you to look for allergens or items you're interested in. (They're listed by weight on the label, of course.)


First a definition: Hydrosol - these are also called "plant waters" or "distillates."  The product of distilling plant material usually to obtain its essential oil, which is skimmed off the surface of the water. Hydrosols contain all the plant's chemicals as do essential oils, are comparatively more gentle. About 3% of the plant water is composed of the essential oil suspended in it. Hydrosols are not merely water with some essential oil added but have their own, unique benefits and carry the full and unique "signature" of the plant. It is important to use only hydrosols made from organic plants.


DreamSoap contains: alfalfa grass, aloe vera gel, aloe vera oil, apple cider vinegar with the "mother" fermentation, astragalus root, barley grass, beet root, callophyllum inophyllum (tamanu oil also known as foraha oil from Tahiti), calendula extract, camellia oil, carrot seed essential oil, chamomile German hydrosol,  chamomile Roman hydrosol, chlorella broken-cell algae, cilantro essential oil, coconut oil (unrefined, virgin), comfrey extract, geranium hydrosol, citrus seed extract, grape seed oil, fragrance (pure essential oils) labdanum (cistus) essential oil, lavender hydrosol, lemon peel, liquid lecithin, macadamia nut oil, neem leaf extract, neem leaf powder, neem oil, neroli (orange blossom) hydrosol, nettle leaf, olive leaf extract, olive oil, orange peel, palm stearic (vegetable-derived), purple dulse seaweed, ravensara aromatica essential oil, rose hips, rose hip seed oil, rose hydrosol, sandalwood hydrosol, saponified oils of olive, coconut and jojoba (pure Castile soap), sea buckthorn berry essential oil, spinach leaf, spirulina blue green algae, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, trace mineral complex (liquid), Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols), Vitamin E, high-potency (mixed tocotrienols), water (mountain spring), wheat grass, witch hazel extract, witch hazel hydrosol, yeast (non-fermentable nutritional). 


3 to 4 drops is usually all it takes for the face and neck. Can be applied to a dry or wettened face (I wet my face first), work up a lather, close your eyes and enjoy. DreamSoap can remove make-up and normally does on a once-over, however some very persisting kinds of make-up (if you check their ingredients, you want to throw them out) might take an extra go. Do rinse well, preferably with pure (unchlorinated, unfluoridated, natural) water.


More tips for usage:

I don't recommend or not recommend the following but my customers hve told me these ideas:

Some customers have left DreamSoap on the face as a masque and found some additional benefits in that.

Some have used DreamSoap for shaving. (I have sinced created a Shaving Gel, though).

Some people have found that washing under the arms with DreamSoap and leaving it there for a while before rinsing has cut back on body odor.

D. L
I been using Evan's skin care and others since 2002, and i am HOOKED! I can not live with out it! Especially the Dreamsoap Lavender (facial cleanser). Most people that find out how old I am immediately ask me what I use on my skin and I point to Evan's Gsrden. She has the best organic and natural facial care that I ever used! I am so glad that you do what you do Evan because you are surely the best in the field.
The Bare and Beautiful DreamSoap is all I use now to wash my face. I use a light eye makeup remover first for eyeliner and mascara and I only need a small amount of DreamSoap. I love that I am not putting any chemicals on my face, just natural ingredients.
The Fresh Flowers DreamSoap is the best facial soap I have ever used! You need so little to create such a huge impact! The scent is very luxurious and you can feel it tingling immediately. Then after you rinse and dry, your skin feels incredibly soft! It is amazing!! I am completely hooked. - L.S.
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