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Hand & Body Lotion

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$44.97 - $49.97
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HBLBBBare & Beautiful™0.3256 LBS $44.97
HBLLAVLavender0.3256 LBS $46.97
HBLROSERose0.3256 LBS $49.97
HBLJASJasmine0.3256 LBS $49.97
Product Reviews

My lotion for hands and body is totally natural, skin-softening goodness.


Highly nourishing, unrefined oils, pure essential oils and gorgeous plant waters selected for their benefits to the body skin, nutrients such as MSM, antioxidant herbs...what a treat for your body head to toe! After the lotion sinks in, so soft and huggable.


This lotion is suitable for any skin type. Not, though, for people allergic to nuts, as it contains macadamia nut oil, one of the premium body skin oils.


Of course, no goopy synthetic lab chemicals, no nasty preservatives.


The lotion comes in a cobalt blue 4-oz. bottle with a convenient, hygienic dispensing pump.  


You may select "Custom Request" and ask for an unlisted scent. Tell us what you would like in the Comments Box as you check out. For example, if you love vanilla, sandalwood, honeysuckle or a certain combination, ask. If we can do it simply, we will be happy to.


As a comparison:


Natural Silk Anti-oxidant Body Treatment Cream™: intensely nourishing top-shelf body cream, can be used also for facial care, loaded in nutrients (all known nutrients in whole, organic food form...highly bioavailable), packed to the hilt in healing antioxidants and anti-aging, skin-loving ingredients. See testimonials for how this product has been used.


Amazing Balm for Dry Skin™: for any skin type but primarily deals with dry and even aging skin. Powerful healing, restorative ingredients chosen to soothe, soften and heal dry skin. Protective beeswax helps skin retain moisture yet allows it to breathe. I apply my balm on the dry areas of my body such as feet, elbows. This is my own favorite lip balm. It is great on the face especially if your skin is dry or aging — I apply after other creams/serums (none lavishly, for all my products are concentrated and go far). The balm is the top layer. I give a bit of time for it all to be absorbed. This regime has helped me thus far (knock on wood) defy most of the ravages of Father Time. I apply over La Creme de la Creme™ (or other cream such as Ma Jeunesse™), As Young As I Feel™ Serum which I use religiously every day  — and then on top goes some Amazing Balm for Dry Skin. My skin looks seriously awesome considering my age so I thank myself constantly, no kidding, for having created the Youth Trio™ and this honestly amazing balm. Ladies (and men who want younger-appearing skin), it is worth it!  


And now for the new kid on the block:

Evan's Garden™ Hand & Body Lotion: all skin types, a lotion to spread all over. Widely nourishing, so effective at softening, spreads well, sinks in completely. You'll not feel anything there sitting on your skin — what you will feel is comfy softness and silken smoothness.


My new lotion contains phenomenal ingredients chosen for their own signature nutrients and benefits to the skin — parsley seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, plum kernel oil, and well, check out the ingredients tab here — in a formulation designed to keep results high and cost affordable. I am very proud of accomplishing this for you.


Whatever others of these you use, this will be the one you apply head-to-toe. When you step out of the shower or bath, while your skin is moist and warm, apply this lotion. And keep a bottle by the kitchen sink for moisturizing hands after doing dishes. Lovely!


Enjoy and please get back to me about this...I love to hear from you!




Hi Evan! I ordered the lotion in Bare & Beautiful, and it is amazing! The natural scent is so heavenly that I've been applying it to my face just so I can breathe it in. The lotion really helps my skin feel smooth, soft, and hydrated all day. This has very quickly become one of my favorites. Thank you so much for making it.
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Ingredients are organic and unrefined wherever this is possible:

rose hydrosol, spring water, lavender hydrodol, green tea & holy basil (Tulsi) infusion, emulsifying wax, sunflower, macadamia nut & avocado oils, aloe vera gel, cornflower hydrosol, oils of plum kernel, grapeseed, coconut, olive & argan, stearic acid, tapioca starch, citrus seed extract, meadowfoam & jojoba oils, sodium borate, orange blossom hydrosol, rose hip seed oil, lanolin (cruelty-free, from sheared wool), hydrodols of melissa, R. chamomile & witch hazel, cranberry seed oil, rosemary extract, pure colloidal platinum, xanthan gum, lavender essential oil, red raspberry seed & parsley seed oils, (fragrance, if added: pure essential oils and/or fruit essences), Vit. E, MSM, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, lecithin, neem oil, hyaluronic acid, rose essential oil, tamanu oil, benzoin gum, sea buckthorn berry & immortelle essential oils.