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Evan's Garden Products Ingredients listed below this article in alphabetical order


Introduction:  Ingredients and Formulation Choices

Greetings! Evan here. I decided that a good place to tell you about my ingredients, what I choose, what I leave out and why, would be here at the top of the Ingredients page. The ingredients lists follow this article. These are listed by product name in alphabetical order and the ingredients of each product are themselves listed alphabetically, to facilitate your finding what you're looking for. On our container labels, these are listed in order of weight.


No compromises

I don't see any value in resorting to the usual synthetic ingredients to deliver a product that looks, smells and feels like the common ones we may have gotten used to. Happily, a growing number of people have been becoming aware that where we may think we save by buying the usual products, we end up paying more than we saved. We may pay in well-being sacrificed and in money trying to salvage health. I haven't compromised in making formulation decisions and I won't because I care most of all about health. To that purpose, let's trust nature.

What is not in my products is just about as important as what is. I have put in a great deal of study to make my products work well and safely. With all that nature and knowledge in the bottle, neither you nor I would stand for any junk.



Read labels!

Disappointingly, we've had to become a bit wary. The market place can be a dangerous place if you don't read labels. So many skin and body care products claim to be natural, look just like they're made only of natural ingredients, are in packaging that call sweetly to us, "natural, pure, simple, clean, green!" but that's marketing and how valid it is, well, that's where reading the label comes in.

When we do read a label, we see, in there among the names of plants, are long, weird, scientific words. I'm not talking about the Latin names of plants. Usually the Latin names are followed, in parentheses after the Latin words, by the common plant names we recognize. I mean synthetic chemical names or initials (like TEA). If you look these up in a good cosmetic dictionary, you'll discover that very few refer to plants and that most or all of them are at least potentially toxic.

If you put something on your skin, it might be absorbed even faster than if you eat it. (Don't test me on this! My products obviously are for topical use unless otherwise clearly stated and only safe things should ever go down your throat...had to say that.) Yes, the skin absorbs super-fast. This is because the skin is a thin covering, less complicated to get through than the digestive tract. The digestion deals more slowly and in stages with most of what we'd ever put in it. From the skin, there's extremely quick access to the bloodstream.
So, why chance your health to corporate decision-makers who allow formulations to be made and marketed more for their bank accounts than for life? Does that seem harsh of me to say? Look at the general health of people who continue to buy the usual offerings in food, medicines and body care products.

My experience creating Evan's Garden products has also given me an insider's view that supports such a conclusion regarding the general character of the big business guys. After making so, so many decisions in favor of untainted natural ingredients, despite finding it invariably terrifically cheaper to have opted for the unnatural alternatives, I can vouch for what I say. The synthetics are nearly always much less expensive than ecologically, responsibly farmed or wild-picked plants and ingredients made from them.


Why strictly natural substances?

We are natural ourselves and we respond most safely, in my opinion, to natural approaches. Not that nothing can be invented. But nothing are we likely to add that enhances life, that's of any great good, that does not support nature and us as elements of nature. These bodies have been on Earth quite a while. During that time, the food supplier and doctor has been Nature. People only had plants, clay, water, sun, salt, things of nature, in their surroundings to select from for sustenance. Men had to use gut feelings, trial and wits to find what in nature is dangerous and what is not. So, between our smarts and the bounty of nature, we've made it, thus far.

Recognizing the fact that we can deal with natural substances because we're set up for them, It's ethical then to use natural ingredients in body care: food, medicine and cosmetics. I'm sure you are hip to this, but synthetic texturizers, colors, scents, foaming agents, all that stuff that gets added from the lab, tend to be quite dangerous or, at best, chancy to use.

What sells on store shelves, sometimes even in heath food stores, expensive department stores, supermarkets and so on, are, as I see it, mixtures of some good with some bad in what is fair to call toxic stew. You can read this on the labels.


Well, true you can, all except such minor things as "irradiated" or "made from genetically modified ingredients" or heated and filtered beyond plant recognition, etc. Did you know about the ingredient often in common products that doesn't appear on the label? Sometimes, especially when synthetic fragrances are made, the unnatural ingredients mix together to form formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is quite a serious poison. Of course, since no one scooped up and added formaldehyde, it need not appear on the label. It was just created by the combination of the other chemicals.



Evan's Garden products

My products are different to use, have a different feel and scent, to be sure. Before we became more enlightened about the nasty side of commercial products, we had come to expect a certain slippery touch, ultra-fluffy creams, certain smells, gooey textures, pastel colors, perfect swirls when we open the jar, and we never gave a thought, I know I didn't, as to how these ingredients remained ever in perfect suspension, gorgeous and unspoiled for near-eternity. Thank goodness we woke up! Mankind has not been served by an industry happy to add virtually anything to a product's recipe as long as it delivers the expected, standard result.

I take care to ensure that my ingredients are either organically grown or grown on farms where there never has been any pesticide use (even better, as the pesticides remain in the soil a long time), whether certified as organic or not. We avoid the hassle of calling them organic on labels but there are no pesticides used in the growing of my ingredients. They are clean, powerful, live plants.

Some of the ingredients in my products are what's called "wildcrafted," which means that they were picked where they grow wildly, naturally. Growing in amongst other life forms, not domesticated on a farm but "in the wild," are conditions that tend to produce the strongest plants. These are the plants most loaded in their plant chemicals, because they have made it in amongst natural enemies or plants fighting for the same minerals, water and sunshine. Thus, their immune systems, their natural ways of repelling invaders and their skill that all life forms demonstrate to some extent, their "cleverness in surviving," are going be stronger for the challenges they met than in plants given every advantage — their own spot in the sun, protection in bad storms and such — by careful farmers. Compare a pampered dog and a wolf for an idea of the difference. I check that the wildcrafted ingredients were not, however, picked from places near sources of pollution, near cities — that sort of challenge is not naturally derived and make for sick plants — and we make sure that the wildcrafted plants were not picked irresponsibly. It would be irresponsible to pick too much of any plant from any location — responsible wildcrafters leave plenty there so that the plant will continue to propagate bountifully.

Furthermore, the ingredients I select are as un-messed with as I can find them. For example, I locate ingredients that have not been overheated. Heating destroys enzymes and this process begins at the surprisingly low temperature of above 107º.  Enzymes are what we ingest food for and live enzymes in products we apply to the skin can deliver the results we hope for.  Products that contain healthy-sounding ingredients that have been heated much sound good but are actually pretty dead or depleted.


"Refined" is a word that sounds positive. It is positive, for gasoline, manners or perhaps for art. It isn't for food and for natural ingredients. The refining process takes out the plant chemicals to remove scent and color. To a donut-eating society, scent and color became, for a while there anyway, offensive or crude. Boy! Am I glad we're over that one! A persisting example of this is vegetable oil. I bet that many of us are accustomed to "oil-colored" oils . You know, very light yellow? My rose hip seed oil is a deep orangey red because that is its color, unfiltered, unrefined and richly nutritious. Avocado oil is deep green, apricot is apricot-colored, grape seed is a gorgeous light green, and some oils like sunflower are indeed a rich yellow. They smell vividly of the plants they're made of...mmmmm!




Natural Health Products from Evan's Garden


A couple of these ingredient lists need updating but almost all are current.  I am going through the site these days updating and correcting, adding content and such. Bear with me and just ask me anything you want.


I will add a glossary as soon as I can get to it. Don't hesitate to ask me whatever you want to. Here is one definition you may need:


Hydrosol — these are also called "plant waters" or "distillates."  The product of distilling plant material usually to obtain its essential oil, which is skimmed off the surface of the water. Hydrosols contain all the plant's chemicals as do essential oils, are comparatively more gentle. About 3% of the plant water is composed of the essential oil suspended in it. Hydrosols are not merely water with some essential oil added but have their own, unique benefits and carry the full and unique "signature" of the plant. It is important to use only hydrosols made from organic plants.




A Gentleman's Apothecary Shaving Gel contains decyl glucoside (a mild, non-toxic plant sugar), lavender hydrosol, olive Castile soap, spring water, oregano & aloe vera hydrosols, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera gel, Healthy Hair Infusion (water, burdock root, coltsfoot, nettles & horsetail herb, kelp & lavender, calendula & chamomile flowers), fragrance (essential oils, fruit essences), Citricidal™, colloidal silver, meadowfoam & neem oils, guar gum, Vitamin E, slippery elm herb, rosemary extract, arnica-infused olive oil, extracts of cayenne, propolis. calendula, olive leaf, neem, comfrey & oat grass, inophyllum callophyllum.

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All Better, Honey™ contains aloe vera gel, aloe vera oil, apricot kernel oil, Australian tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) essential oil, beeswax, bergamot essential oil, calendula flower extract, callophyllum inophyllum, carrot seed essential oil, castor oil, chamomile Roman hydrosol, chamomile Roman essential oil, clary sage essential oil, comfrey leaf and root, echinacea angustifolia /purpurea root and seed, evening primrose oil, frankincense essential oil, garlic juice, geranium essential oil, ginger essential oil, citrus seed extract, grape seed oil, Habañero cayenne pepper juice, honey (raw, usually Tupelo), hyssop essential oil, immortelle essential oil, jojoba oil, juniperberry essential oil, kanuka essential oil, lavender essential oil, lavender hydrosol, lobelia herb, marjoram essential oil, melissa essential oil, myrrh essential oil, neem oil, neroli hydrosol, niaouli (melaleuca viridiflora and melaleuca quinquinerva) essential oils, olive leaf extract, olive oil, patchouli essential oil, peppermint essential oil, propolis, ravensara aromatica essential oil, red thyme essential oil, rose essential oil, rose hip seed oil, rose hydrosol, rosemary essential oil, safflower oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, sweet almond oil, tagetes essential oil, trace mineral complex (liquid), vetiver essential oil, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols), white oak bark powder, wild oregano oil, xanthan gum, ylang-ylang essential oil.

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Amazing Balm for Dry Skin™: aloe vera gel, arnica extract, avocado oil, beeswax, cherry infusion in jojoba oil, colloidal platinum, emu oil, frankincense, geranium and German chamomile essential oils, grapefruit seed extract, hyaluronic acid, jasmine oil infusion, jojoba oil, karanja oil, lanolin, lavender essential oil, mastic essential oil,  Matrixyl 3000®, MSM, oat seed extract, parsley seed oil, propolis, rose essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, shea butter, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, vanilla absolute, vitamin E mixed tocopherols. 

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Aromatherapy Perfume Oils contains a proprietary blend of plant essences, essential oils, jojoba and/or grape seed oil.

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Aromatherapy Sea Salt Scrub in Lavender-Rose Happiness™: sea salt (sun- and wind-dried sea water), sodium bentonite clay (ancient volcanic ash), olive Castile soap, decyl glucoside (a plant sugar rated to be as mild, non-toxic and non-irritating as Castile soap), oils of sunflower & olive, shea butter, oils of meadowfoam, green tea & safflower, lavender essential oil, Citricidal™, neem oil, lavender flowers, dried, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols), rose essential oil, kukui nut oil.

Aromatherapy Sea Salt Scrub in Rosemary-Lemon Vitality™: sea salt (sun- and wind-dried sea water), sodium bentonite clay (ancient volcanic ash), olive Castile soap, decyl glucoside (a plant sugar rated as mild, non-toxic and non-irritating as Castile soap), oils of sunflower & olive, shea butter, oils of meadowfoam, green tea & safflower, Citricidal™, rosemary & lemon essential oils, neem oil, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols), kukui nut oil, litsea cubeba & eucalyptus globulus essential oils.

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As Young As I FeelSerum

Apricot kernel oil, argan oil, autumn olive berry extract, blueberry seed oil, black raspberry seed oil, black currant seed oil, cherry kernel oil, cistus (labdanum or rock rose) hydrosol (plant water), Co-Enzyme Q-10, Colloidal Copper, Colloidal Gold, cornflower hydrosol, Egyptian Blue Lotus Extract, Emu oil, GABA, honey hydrosol, hyaluronic acid, idebenone, lavender hydrosol, lecithin, lipoic acid, Matrixyl™ 3000, MSM, melissa hydrosol, neroli (orange blossom) hydrosol, parsley seed oil, plum kernel oil, Resveritol™, pure essential oil blend, rock rose and wild rose flower essences, rose hip seed oil, rose hydrosol, royal jelly, sandalwood hydrosol, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, sweet almond seed extract), Ubiquitol, Vitamin E mixed tocopherols, Wildberry Extract, witch hazel hydrosol.

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Astonishing!Household SuperClean Powder contains baking soda, borax (a natural mineral), pure essential oil blend.

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Astonishing!Household SuperClean Scouring Powder contains Pumice, baking soda, borax, pure essential oil blend.

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Athlete's Friend Oil for Feet contains alcohol (biodynamically grown grape), Australian tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) essential oil, callophyllum inophyllum, clary sage essential oil, eucalyptus citriadora essential oil, eucalyptus globulus essential oil, eucalyptus radiata essential oil, citrus seed extract, lavender essential oil, neem oil, niaouli essential oil, red thyme essential oil, sage essential oil, sesame oil, sweet almond oil, tagetes essential oil.

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BackBetterOil contains calendula concentrate, eucalyptus essential oil, fractionated coconut oil, geranium essential oil, ginger essential oil, grape seed oil, Habañero cayenne pepper concentrate, lavender essential oil, marjoram essential oil, oils of castor oil, olive oil, peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil, sage essential oil.

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Bar Soap ingredients:

Citrus Bar: saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive & palm kernel, orange essential oil, orange peel, rosemary extract

Honey Bar:
saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive & palm kernel, orange essential oil, clove essential oil, cornmeal, honey, rosemary extract

Lavender and Oats:
saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive & palm kernel, lavender essential oil, cornmeal, honey, rosemary extract.

Lemongrass Bar: saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive & palm kernel, lemongrass essential oil, osemary extract.

Oats & Aloe Bar: saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive & palm kernel, lavender essential oil, cocoa butter, oat powder, aloe vera gel, rosemary extract.

Shampoo Bar: saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive & palm kernel, lavender essential oil, aloe vera gel, rosemary extract.

Shea Butter Bar: saponified oils of palm, coconut, olive & palm kernel, shea butter, calendula flower extract, rosemary extract.

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Bath Potion Bath Oil contains organic, unrefined oils of grape seed, sunflower, rose hip seed, camellia and apricot kernel with a dash of neem oil, calendula and vitamin E to improve skin condition even more. The fragrances are pure essential oils and infusions of flowers and fruits.

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BathBall® Bathtub Filter contains One BathBall, hanging strap, with filter included.

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BloodPureConcentrate contains Garlic bulb, Burdock root, Oregon Grape root, Yellowdock root, Wild Indigo root, Chaparral root, Lobelia herb & seed, Red Clover blossom, Cayenne Pepper fruit. Extracted and preserved in 47.5% U.S.P. grade grain alcohol.

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Body Wash contains aloe vera gel, calendula extract, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, fragrance (pure essential oils), geranium hydrosol, citrus seed extract, lavender essential oil, lavender hydrosol, mountain spring water, neem leaf extract, neem oil, niaouli (melaleuca viridiflora) essential oil, olive leaf extract, olive oil, palm butter, ravensara aromatica essential oil, Roman chamomile essential oil, Roman chamomile hydrosol, rose hip seed oil, rose hydrosol, rosemary extract, saponified olive oil, sea buckthorn berry essential oil, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, vegetable glycerin, vegetable gum, Vitamin E (mixed tocotrienols & mixed tocopherols), witch hazel hydrosol.

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CertaintyDeodorant Powder contains arrowroot, baking soda, citric acid powder, citrus seed extract, cornstarch (pure, non-GMO), fragrance (pure essential oils), kaolin clay, orris root powder.

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CertaintyDeodorant Spray contains aloe vera gel, biodynamically grown grape alcohol, calendula extract, castor oil, citric acid, fragrance (pure essential oils), German chamomile hydrosol, citrus seed extract, lavender hydrosol, liquid lecithin, liquid trace mineral complex, mountain spring water, Neem leaf extract, Neem oil, olive leaf extract, oregano infusion, rosemary extract, vegetable glycerine, vitamin E, witch hazel herb infusion in apple cider vinegar, witch hazel hydrosol.


Herpules, Lip Hero! contains Australian tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) essential oil, beeswax, candilella wax, Dead Sea mud, geranium essential oil, citrus seed extract, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, myrrh essential oil, neem oil, olive leaf extract, peppermint essential oil, rose hip seed oil, shea butter, tagetes essential oil, thyme red essential oil.

Professor Derriere's Soothing H-Balm contains aloe vera gel, castor oil, coconut oil, dead sea mud, essential oil blend (geranium, cypress, mastic, peppermint, frankincense, juniper berry, white camphor, niaouli (melaleuca quinquinerva), myrrh, yarrow, immortelle & parsley), extracts of calendula, St. John's Wort & rosemary, grapefruit seed extract, horse chestnut seed extract, lecithin, liquid trace minerals complex, menthol crystals, Montmorillonite clay, neem leaf powder, olive leaf extract, palm butter, propolis, psyllium seed husks, rose hip seed oil, shea butter, slippery elm powder, St. John's Wort powder, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, white oak bark powder, witch hazel infusion in apple cider vinegar, witch hazel tea (infusion of herb in mountain spring water).