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Ma Jeunesse™ Youth in a Jar™ Face Cream

$39.50 - $219.95
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Ma Jeunesse is one of our most popular skin care items. It is a very unusual skin cream. Chances are, you've never experienced anything like it. It is fragrant and green with whole plant power and the magic of plant synergy.


I encourage you to visit the Testimonials link above and search (it's alphabetical) for Ma Jeunesse. Better my customers tell you about its effectiveness than I seem to boast. Give it a go yourself and let me know, okay?  


The sample size is available to enable you to try the cream. It is not enough to actually use for any length of time. It's an introductory size meant to give you a feel for the cream and to allow you to check for sensitivity. Samples are non-refundable and if you have not purchased or tried Ma Jeunesse already, we ask you to get the sample first.


We recommend that you keep Ma Jeunesse, during hot months especially, under refrigeration, simply to maintain it in optimum freshness. It is loaded to the brim with fresh, whole-plant nutrients much like a super-nutritious raw food health smoothie for the skin. If you will not have it used up within a month or so, be sure to refrigerate it. You might just want to keep it in the fridge anyway.


For convenience, a good idea is to store the jar in the fridge and have a bit of Ma Jeunesse in a small, very clean jar by your sink, for convenience. If you have a large jar of it, you'll want to do this for sure as the cream remains gorgeous for a long time when refrigerated. We carry little jars for this use and as handy travel jars. If you keep the containers with any Intro Kit or Trial Kit, you have these jars. Of course, wash and dry very thoroughly before refilling.


"A few days ago my good friend recieved the Ma Jeunesse "Youth in a jar" cream. I just want to tell you, that we are thrilled. The creme is so absolutly fantastic. We are in our early thirties, and I have had a lot of problems with my complexion (marks from acne and spots without pigment). Now I have a complexion that I have always dreamed about. We both carry the cream in our handbags, so we can let family, friends and colleagues try it, while we tell about your family company, based on natural ingredients and all products handcrafted. Most of them plan to buy it after trying it. THANK YOU for an incredible cream!" - C.M.


See the results for yourself!



My herbal skin care cream is loaded with fresh, whole, organically grown, unrefined, natural ingredients. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Swedish Flower Pollen extract — it's a feast for the skin.


The awesome benefits are amplified by powerful antioxidants including alpha lipoic acid, Co-enzyme Q-10, MSM, hyaluronic acid, tocotrienols (high potency vitamin E) and natural sources of beta-carotene (for the benefits of vitamin A).


And I just added two very precious new ingredients to its formulation: melon concentrate and apple stem cells. 


Melon concentrate. Melon is a known anti-aging ingredient. I could not find any supportive evidence that the only melons of value are from the south of France, though to be fair, I am not suggesting otherwise. The kind of melon referred to is cantaloupe so I tested cantaloupe concentrate. I made a powerful concentrate from organic melons and, in the hope that I didn't need to board a plane for France (well, sort of hoping), I tried the concentrate on my skin. In the testing phase, all our faces looked much fresher. The results were stunning.

The other new ingredient is from apples — apple stem cells from a rare Swiss apple that stays fresh for a very long time. The apple comes from one particular orchard that dates back to the 1700's. Way back then, the farmer made a hybrid to withstand decay. Thank you, long-gone Swiss farmer! The stem cells from this apple have almost incredible age-defying properties.
The apple stem cells translate their regenerative activity to our skin stem cells, helping activate and actually protect them from degradation and stress, protect against ultraviolet light and reduce alterations in gene expression that come about through age. Gene expression is fresh and proper triggering of the gene code — one way to explain that. Clinical trials have shown increased longevity and health of skin cells and decided anti-wrinkling effects.


Ma Jeunesse has been one of our most popular, super-effective products. Get ready to be more than ever thrilled with it.   

I purchased the trial size w/ the Ma Jeunesse cream Kit and have faithfully been using it since I received it. My skin is soft, clearer and much more even toned. I love the aroma of the products, its more like a treat than a chore to do my skincare regime. Will you in the future be coming out with a cream that is just for around the eye area? I also appreciate how quickly you shipped out the products. In fact I was so pleased by both the products and your service, I placed a order last night for the Medium size kit.(do not want to run out) Thanks for making a great product. Have a great day! - M.M.

Hi Evan! I've been on vacation for the past two weeks and I have to tell you that I took your Ma J. cream with me on my trip......and.....I love, love, love it! I also let a couple of my friends use it (we were up at Lake Powell on a houseboat) and they also loved it......I gave them all of the ordering information so they could order some from you! I've ordered the larger size and I'm patiently (well, sort of!) waiting for it and I'm hoping I won't run out before I get my new order!!!! - G.G.

Dear Evan and Kevin, I received my order yesterday and really thank you so much for the generous gift enclosures -- the baby loofahs, lather sponge, and of course, most of all, the generous sample of Body Silk and the extra Essential Oil for the salts bath. I have wanted to write before now, as you asked me awhile ago if you could use a short e-mail that I sent as a testimonial, but as I recall, what I wrote could hardly qualify as such in proportion to what I have been intending to write, so if you wish to use what I am writing now for a testimonial, you may, as it comes from the heart! As I mentioned when I ordered your introductory jar of Ma Jeunesse, I found your website while searching on AOL for something completely unrelated to "cosmetics" -- I only wish that I could remember what it was now! When I read your introductory page for Ma Jeunesse, the description sounded like me, especially the part about the "small fortune" spent in pursuit of improved skin. My particular problem is -- or rather now I should say has been -- my hands. Everyone has some feature of himself or herself that he or she really admires, and for me it is my hands. It has been a real source of grief to watch them "take a beating," hence I have been on a crusade for repair! Indeed, it has been a small fortune, perhaps even a king's ransom at times, but I have never strayed from my "authentically natural only" policy in choosing products -- but that is about my only pride! In the two months that I have been using your Ma Jeunesse I have found the Holy Grail at the end of the crusade! I have my hands back! Just like new! And not only are the lines gone but two prominent scars are nearly completely faded as well -- one from adult chickenpox years ago and one from a culinary accident years ago as well! To say thank you hardly says much but THANK YOU -- a million times over! It surely is true that there are no coincidences in life because I know that something Divine wormed its way into my computer that day that I found you by 'accident'! - M.J.M.

I love my Ma Jeunesse cream! I have noticed that my froggy skin under my eyes is getting less noticeable. As with all of your other products, I have noticed that my pores look much smaller and sometimes I will catch my reflection in the mirror and think Dang, my skin looks great! and more often that not, it is right after washing my face! I will continue to spread the word about your products! - L.M.

ing wonderful things for my face when I use it at night - I call it salad dressing for my face. - K.S.

I've been treating myself to Ma Jeunesse for a while now! My skin has a softness I thought I'd never see again, and my sun damage has been stopped in its tracks! - L.E.

The first time I used your Youth Cream, I loved it immediately! After the third time I used it, I recognized an incredible improvement in my skin! I've gotten compliments from everyone, women, men and kids! When I ran out of it, I could hardly stand it! My skin was crying for it! I'm so happy to have more! There is no other cream I ever used that gives my skin exactly what it needs! My skin is improving definitely and obviously. It's the coolest, the best...I LOVE IT!! - H.B.

This cream is an amazing product. I just started to use it 2 days ago and I already see a big difference in my skin. - O.F.

I couldn't believe the difference from what I looked like last night to this morning. I literally gasped with amazement. I was out today with no make-up on and got compliments on my skin which hasn't happened to me in a long time. I actually cried with joy because I had really started worrying about how my face had been appearing to age all of a sudden and I didn't like that! Looks like I have found that fountain of youth so many search for! I can tell already this cream will not only stop the aging process of my skin, but go a step further and heal damage already caused. - K.M.

This cream is the best...there is nothing like it anywhere! It's the most nourishing thing I've ever put on my body! It feeds and seems to penetrate the skin to a deeper level than I ever felt before. I feel my circulation increasing and I can actually SEE immediate visual results! My skin is brighter, definitely firmer and more refined, toned-looking! I feel so good and I look it, too! - C.R.

I have tried, over the years, so many skin care lines that my friends tease me about it. I guess they won't be teasing me any longer, because I have found the face and body care of my dreams with Organic Beauty! These products are so pure, so moisturising, so effective that I won't be looking any further. My skin is soft, radiant, clear, even-toned and the most impressive thing is that I can FEEL the products working on my face, as if one can feel them penetrating to where they will have their intended benefits. The 'Ma Jeunesse' cream is AMAZING! I thought from how it looked initially that it was too oily for me, but trusting in the genius that is Evan, I emulsified a bit in my fingertips and massaged as directed...... Voila, it works! My skin looked better from one application, and I am so happy I tried it! Thanks to you Evan, my search for the perfect skincare is over! - T.P.

Ma Jeunesse is really making a difference! I love it, I love it!! - V.L.

Dear Evan, Kevin, and Liberty Rose, Thank you for your kind e-mails and of course, most of all, for the products. I have been enjoying everything. The Ma Jeunesse is so soft and clean smelling, not greasy either -- a real godsend for winter skin! And when I read the ingredients, it's truly an entire Eden in a jar -- in addition to the youth! - M.M.



Ma Jeunesse Youth-in-a-Jar Face Cream contains alfalfa powder, almonds, aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, barley grass powder, black currant seed oil, bladderwrack powder, borage seed oil, callophyllum inophyllum oil, cilantro herb powder, Co-enzyme Q-10, comfrey root, cornflower hydrosol, cucumber hydrosol, dandelion leaf powder, dandelion root powder, dried wild hijiki powder, dulse leaf powder, emulsifying wax, evening primrose oil, flower blend (including powders of lavender, chamomile, calendula flowers, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract), fragrance (pure essential oils), geranium hydrosol, German chamomile hydrosol, citrus seed extract, hemp oil, Idebenone (anti-oxidant), kelp powder, lavender hydrosol, lipoic acid, liquid trace mineral complex, macadamia nut oil, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), mixed tocotrienols (high-potency vitamin E), mountain spring water, neem oil, neroli hydrosol, oat tops powder, olive oil, palm stearic, powdered pumpkin seeds, Roman chamomile hydrosol, rose hip seed oil, rose hydrosol, rosemary extract, rosemary hydrosol, sesame oil, shea butter, sunflower seeds, sweet almond oil, tapioca starch, white camellia oil.

Apply to clean face and neck. Use small spatula to stir if separated. Distribute about 1/4 teaspoon over face and neck, massage in well. Massage under the eye, not too close to the lid and no lower than the eyebrow area (avoid getting into eyes). See insert for additional instructions

I have never used skin cream before. I was skeptical of the reviews other people had said about this because I"m only 23 and am just trying to prevent aging. Boy was I wrong. Immediately after application I noticed this very youthful glow, later on throughout the day I noticed more people were looking at me, was it the confidence? I looked in the mirror and wow it looks like I was photoshopped. Like a magazine cover. Very impressed!
I feel like I am feeding my face with the best "foods' possible when I apply this to my skin each night. Delightful and calming, I look forward to it each time.
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