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Natural Mineral Foundation Powder

$2.00 - $21.50
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Color & Size:
FDNP12#12 - Light, slightly warm, neutral beige - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP12S#12 - Light, slightly warm, neutral beige - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP16#16 - Medium, neutral- warm, olive - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP16S#16 - Medium, neutral- warm, olive - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP17#17 - Medium, very peachy - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP17S#17 - Medium, very peachy - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP18#18 - Very light, warm - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP18S#18 - Very light, warm - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP19#19 - Medium- dark, slightly peachy - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP19S#19 - Medium- dark, slightly peachy - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP23#23 - Very light, cool beige - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP23S#23 - Very light, cool beige - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP24#24 - Very light, warm, slightly peachy - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP24S#24 - Very light, warm, slightly peachy -0 LBS $2.00
FDNP25#25 - Medium neutral- warm - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP25S#25 - Medium neutral- warm - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP28#28 - Medium, very rosey peach - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP28S#28 - Medium, very rosey peach - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP30#30 - Medium- light, peachy rosey - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP30S#30 - Medium- light, peachy rosey - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP31#31 - Medium- light, warm, peachy, slightly rosey - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP31S#31 - Medium- light, warm, peachy, slightly rosey - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP33#33 - Very light, neutral - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP33S#33 - Very light, neutral - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP36#36 - Medium- light, slightly warm, neutral - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP36S#36 - Medium- light, slightly warm, neutral - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP37#37 - Very light, neutral beige - Full Size0.088 LBS $21.50
FDNP37S#37 - Very light, neutral beige - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP48#48 - Light-medium neutral-warm, peachy, slightly rosy - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP48S#48 - Light-medium neutral-warm, peachy, slightly rosy - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP51#51 – Medium-light, cool - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP51S#51 – Medium-light, cool - Sample0 LBS $2.00
FDNP54#54 - Very light, warm - Full Size0.0873 LBS $21.50
FDNP54S#54 - Very light, warm - Sample0 LBS $2.00
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Please order no more than one pot of each shade you want. Quantity is quite limited now. Email if you want more to find out if more is available.



Samples are not available. Order the shade(s) you have in the past. All sales are final.



This table is not revealing images, I'm sorry, but the descriptions of available shades may be helpful.


#11 - Medium, very warm #12 - Light, slightly warm, neutral beige #14 - Light, warm #15 - Medium, very warm, peachy
 #16 - Medium, neutral- warm, olive  #17 - Medium, very peachy  #18 - Very light, warm  #19 - Medium- dark, slightly peachy
 #20 - Light, slightly cool, rose  #21 - Medium- light, very warm, peachy  #22 - Medium, very pinky-peach  #23 - Very light, cool beige
 #24 - Very light, warm, slightly peachy  #25 - Medium neutral- warm #28 - Medium, very rosey peach  #30 - Medium- light, peachy rosey
#31 - Medium- light, warm, peachy, slightly rosey  #33 - Very light, neutral   #34 - Light neutral  #36 - Medium- light, slightly warm, neutral
 #37 - Very light, neutral beige #39 - Medium- light, neutral, (very slightly warm, quite neutral) #40 - Light, neutral- cool #41 - Medium, very warm, slightly peachy
  #42 - Medium, cool #43 - Light, warm, very slightly peachy  #44 - Medium neutral-warm, close to #25 but warmer and a bit peachier  #46 - Light, slightly warm, neutral (like 36 but a bit lighter)
  #47 - Very light neutral  #48 - Light-medium neutral-warm, peachy, slightly rosy #49 - Medium, warm slightly peachy #50 - Medium neutral-cool, rosey
 #51 - Medium-light, cool  #52 - Very light neutral-cool  #53 - Medium dark, warm, terra cotta  #54 - Very light, warm
#55 - Very light neutral-cool      

Select your color from the table below, scroll down to the bottom of the table and click the "Add to Cart" button. For now, please order only one of any shade. If you want more, email to find out availability. 


Pure Natural Mineral Foundation Powders contain arrowroot, brown oxide, chromium oxide green, hydrated chromium oxide green, mica (serecite), non-GMO (organic) cornstarch, tapioca starch, titanium dioxide, ultramarine blue, ultramarine rose, ultramarine violet, yellow oxide.

Apply to skin that has been washed (DreamSoap™) and moisturized (La Creme de la Creme™ or other Evan’s Garden moisturizer) and allow enough time for the moisturizer to completely absorb (this doesn’t take too long).

A kabuki brush is good for applying the powder. Dip the brush into a small amount of powder, tap off excess, now tap the brush-handle, end down, gently on the table or counter to distribute powder into the brush so you don’t get too much on at one time. Apply lightly and less than you think you need. You can always add more. Swish over face to spread evenly. For heavier coverage, you may find a cosmetic sponge more efficient. To cover blemishes, you can dab powder onto the spot directly with sponge or finger.

To mix into the cream, use spoon provided to get a bit of cream into a small bowl, plate or the palm of your clean hand and with the dry spoon (which you can wash each day) get out a very small bit of foundation powder and blend thoroughly into the cream. Make only enough for this one use; do not save for a later use. Apply the mix, see how it looks and add more cream to thin the coverage or more powder to increase it. Apply cream in small dots over the face and blend in well, making sure to blend around the “edges“ of your face (top of forehead, around chin, around temples, ears, and even nose, etc.) Experiment for the looks you want and do write me...I love to hear!!

I have been using the natural mineral foundation powder for several years now. I have tried several shades for the different seasons. I love the makeup! It does not make my face breakout and I get better coverage (not too heavy though) than some of the others I have tried. Thank you Evan's Garden!
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