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In the movie Men in Black, the character played by Tommy Lee Jones draws the distinction between a "person" and the mass of "people." He states, "A person is smart, but people are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it."

In other words, we do a whole lot of things as "people" we would never do as "persons".

You, our friends, and the customers of Evan's Garden are "persons.". By seeking to educate and enlighten yourselves about true health, nutrition, and safe living, you distinguish yourselves from the "people" who blandly accept whatever they are told by advertisers, doctors or the government. As a person, an individual, you stray from collective thinking and seek to find your own truth, your own way in life.

It is for you that we at Evan's Garden, exist. Your survival and well-being are our purpose for being in this business. We're here to offer you knowledge, the kind of knowledge that allows you to take greater control of your beauty, health and longevity.

In our view, it's not enough to offer you a totally safe cosmetic or household product. We want you to know WHY that jar of department store face cream or bathroom cleanser may be slowly killing you or your friends, as well as discover truly workable alternatives to using those toxic products. In this way we offer you honest help and, even more importantly, we empower you to influence the lives of others in very positive ways.

Welcome to our ongoing series of Evan's Garden Newsletters.

In these pages you'll see myths exploded, secrets exposed and collective thinking debunked. We'll give it to you straight and, unlike some publications, we'll focus on the real solutions for each and every issue we raise. We promise never to dwell on the negative or leave you in a downer. You'll finish each newsletter with knowledge you can use right now to better your life.

Feel free to browse our archives, and please do contact us with your feedback.