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Evan's Garden
Natural Body Products, Skin Care & Mineral Make-up


Customer Service & Store Policies

Evan's Garden™ is owned and operated by Evan's Garden, Inc. in Florida, and this is the name that will appear on your statements when you order by credit card. Evan Symonds is the Founder and Formulator.


Correspondence & Mailing Address

Please send written correspondence to:
Evan's Garden, Inc., POB 7334, Clearwater, FL 33758-7334

Telephone: (727) 449-0900



Shipping in USA: We normally ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail. Our website shopping cart has shipping options listed in a drop-down list and will charge an appropriate yet estimated amount for US shipping. These amounts, received directly from the Post Office, are most usually correct but now and then they are not. If we need to collect more from you to ship the order, we'll contact you about it.


Note that we recycle some shipping materials that we receive from our suppliers. While we ourselves only order the biodegradable shipping peanuts, we make a practice of re-using the styrofoam shipping peanuts that some suppliers still use.



International Orders: We ship via US Airmail, and charge a basic rate plus a per-item charge on most items. If the charges calculated by our shopping cart system do not fully cover the costs of shipping your order, we will create a separate invoice, charge your credit card for the difference, then email you the total that was added to your credit card. If you require a shipping quote prior to completing your order, please email us.




Free Shipping (USA orders only) for orders totaling $275 or more. Shipping is free up to $20. (See paragraph below.) 

Free shipping offer applies to postage only and is offered on U.S. orders only. Handling charges may apply. 



Certain heavy items are inelgible for free shipping. 1-lb. bottles of liquid and Astonishing Powder, for example, do not qualify for free shipping.

Bulk purchases of items that are not heavy items (several of the same item) may then qualify as "heavy" depending on the accumulated weight. We will contact you to collect shipping on these.

Cold packs do not qualify for free shipping. 



To reiterate, domestic, ground shipping is free for eligible orders or eligible items that total a minimum of $275.  We cover up to $20 of this shipping. Heavy and multiples of an item that qualify, as per the weight, as a heavy item are ineligible for free shipping. The actual shipping cost is determined when the package is weighed in preparation for shipment. For amounts exceeding the $20, we will charge the difference. Very rarely does domestic shipping exceed $20, by the way.



Local Pick-up

If you are local from nearby zip codes to our facility, you will see Local Pick-up as a shipping opton (no shipping charge -- you pick up).  If you select this, when your order is ready, we'll bag it up with your name on it and will let you know it is ready for pick-up.  I will want to know when you will be by to do that as I bring these bags home for you to pick up from there.  If you can't make it, let me know.  If there are two arrangements made for pick-up but no pick-up has occurred, I'll bring the bag back to work and we'll charge to ship it.



First-order Discount: We a offer discount of 15% on your FIRST ORDER only. if you selected the first-order discount and this was NOT your first order, we will charge you the erroneously applied discount separately. Certain items are excluded from the first-order discount, including Chocolate Sampler Kits, Shower Filters and Bath Ball Filters. Limit one first-order discount per household.


Refer a Friend: We appreciate your spreading the word about Evan's Garden. Send your friends to our website, tell them to let us know who referred them AT THE TIME THEY PLACE THEIR FIRST order. If they name you as the person who referred them when they place their first order, we'll issue you a Referral Award Coupon valued at 25% of their first product purchase. (We send the Referral Award Coupon codes via email. If you do not have email, you must let us know so we can send a Coupon to you via regular postal mail.) Use the Referral Award Coupon for a discount on your own next purchase. The Coupon will be good for one month after person's first purchase. If they make their first purchase on the 16th of the month, for example, your Coupon will be good through the 16th of the following month. Since you may only use one coupon at a time when shopping online, feel free to call us if you have a Referral Award Coupon plus a Reorder Coupon - we'll take your order by phone and utilize both coupons from our end. Coupons are non-transferable, have no cash value and must be consumed in full on a given order (no change or credits given). People such as friends, spouses or domestic partners may not cross-refer each other to get referral coupons. To qualify for referral coupons, one must first be a Evan's Garden customer and refer others after that. Other rules and restrictions may apply. Rules and Award amounts subject to change without notice. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Order Fulfillment & Delivery

While most orders of in-stock items should arrive within a week or two, please allow 4 weeks and even up to 6 weeks for delivery, as we are likely to be making fresh batches of our handcrafted products for your order. Your patience will be well rewarded!


So this is understood, only in rare circumstances would an order take even 3 to 4 weeks to ship. But since longer time periods have been needed to get everything done for an order and since this may happen and is bound to happen unavoidably at times, due to the nature of our unusual business, we want you to know that, yes, this can and now and then does occur.


For example, one such logistical situation that can slow things down is when certain rare plant ingredients are in short supply or out of stock with the farmers and suppliers Evan purchases from. Weather may be the culprit.  Finding what is needed and of the level of quality Evan requires may take some time.


You are probably our customer because you appreciate this old-fashioned, hands-on, real-deal approach. You know that we are not a common company where products were made elsewhere in massive batches in huge machines and now need only to be taken off inventory shelves. Personal attention and care go into everything. Thus time enters in.


We normally are able to ship orders within the first week or two that they are received, however. We're pretty quick on the draw.


Do feel free to inquire about your order. Email works best as Evan might have to pick up while she's making a batch.  If a phone call works best for you, that's fine.


If you wish to receive RUSH  service, please write exactly what you need, when you will need your order by at the latest, if you are willing to be charged for a speedier shipping method — tell us everything in the Comments Box on the Checkout page. We do not guarantee that a RUSH order will arrive on time, but we do our best to accommodate your needs. If a good deal extra work is involved and we are able to do it, we'll contact you with an added Rush fee which will need to be colected before we devote extra time. This has rarely been needed, though.


Please note that international orders may take longer to arrive due to Customs processing in the destination country. We suggest asking us to ship via Express International which is a method that allows tracking and insurance on the package.


Our policy is that International customers order at their own risk. We do not guarantee the delivery of international shipments and do not offer refunds on international orders. There are many variables in shipping internationally, such as Customs, different postal systems and varying degrees of postal service, that take the matter of delivery out of our hands. Our experience has been, however, that nearly all international shipments do eventually, if not promptly, arrive.


Specials, Sales and Coupons

To receive special discounts or take advantage of special offers, you must use the coupon or other promotional code or click the appropriate promotional link provided in an email or on a web page for this purpose. If you phone us with your order, you must tell the order-taker that you have a valid discount coupon or promotional code and provide the coupon or promotional code number and expiration date at the time the phone order is placed.


Coupons and discounts are not applicable to orders that were already placed or shipped. The coupon & discount system is automated and we cannot go back and apply a discount for you after you've already placed your order.


We cannot take a discount off an order that has been placed by you if you did not yourself enter the code and give yourself the discount when you ordered. The time it would take for us to do that is far more than you would expect. To get a discount, then, you must enter the discount code yourself (and press "Apply") on either the Shopping Cart page or the Checkout page. Thanks for understanding. 


Similarly, f you phone in an order and have a discount coupon (or any other discount method such as a gift certificate) that you want to get applied to the order being placed, you must tell us this and provide the coupon code.  We cannot make changes after an order has been placed, the cart just does not include that option.  We also cannot be relied upon to remember that you ordered recently enough to have a valid Reorder Coupon.  If you want that discount, and we want you to get it, too! just tell us.


When you wish to receive free products or special offers as part of, for example, a Weekly Special, you must write to us in the Comments Box of the Checkout page what specific "flavors" of what products in what sizes you want; that is, provide us any relevant information that we will need to satisfy the request. Be sure to do this thoroughly as we cannot chase you up to find out, when we process the order. We are a small group here and we do it all the old-fashioned way, by hand. This care takes much more time, of course, so we can't also clarify details for specials that you have not given us in your order. Thank you so much for understanding.

Coupons are non-transferable and may not be shared.

Already-discounted items or special packages are excluded from first order or re-order discounts.


Returns & Cancellations

Returns:  We want you happy and enjoying the products which suit you best. Should you wish to return products, please contact us by email or phone. Please state succinctly why you wish to return the products and specifically which products you wish to return. We may ask you to clarify information, offer to substitute other products more suitable to your individual needs, or give you tips on product usage if related to your reason for return.


Should you still wish to return products, you will pay for return postage and insurance for their retail value. You must get from us a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. To obtain an RMA number, call us at 727-449-0900 or email us. Send the products back to us with the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the box. Returned items or refused shipments that are not accompanied by an RMA number will NOT be refunded under any circumstances. All returns must be made within 30 days of receipt, and arrive bearing a valid RMA number or they will be refused. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the processing of your return.


There is a 20% return/cancellation processing fee on all returned merchandise.


Cancellations: Once an order is placed, we begin to fill it promptly and to prepare it for shipment. Due to the costs involved in this process of handcrafting and order fulfillment, cancellations are treated in the same way as returns: a 15% return/cancellation fee applies also to any canceled orders that have not shipped and that are within the three-day limit for cancellaton as follows:


We only accept cancellations for refund for three days, the date of order being "day one." We work with our customers to amend orders, to delay shipping an order until the time is better, and so on, to end up with the most satisfactory result, but after three days, cancellations with refund are not accepted. 


International Returns: Please note that for security reasons and for fraud prevention, we cannot accept returns nor will we offer refunds or charge backs on international orders.


Non-Returnable Items: Note that if a particular item is available in an Introductory, Sample or Trial size, then the full size of that item is non-returnable. The following items are NON-returnable and NON-refundable under any circumstances: Electrical or electronic devices, appliances or accessories, books, deodorants, Intro Kits of any kind, perfumes, samples of any product, shampoos and any product that has a specific color (eye shadows, foundation and other make-up, for example) and foods such as the chocolates. Before ordering full sizes of non-returnable items, please order the economical Introductory, Sample or Trial sizes where available.


Returns of Bulk orders: Bulk Orders (by that we mean more than one of a particular product) are not refundable unless they are repeats of the same item purchased and tried earlier. Please purchase a sample or an individual unit of a given product to be sure it works for you before purchasing multiples of that product.


Sales Tax

Orders to be delivered within Florida are charged 7% FL sales tax.


Privacy Policy & Internet Security

Security of Information: We do not sell or rent your personal information to any other company. Your information is kept confidential.

Your orders are processed completely on secure servers and your order information does not go anywhere else after the fact.


Testimonials & Product Descriptions

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to research and develop the finest natural products, we offer our products as-is and with the understanding that we make no structural or functional claims for them.

Statements made by customers giving their experiences with products are personal testimonials and any results are not claimed by us to be typical. Our customers are encouraged to try the products and see for themselves. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.

We are not licensed medical practitioners. We, obviously, do not examine, diagnose, treat or prescribe for anyone nor do we do anything that could remotely be considered offering medical advice. We merely state data that can be verified by independent research, which we encourage our visitors and customers to do. We do feel that one owns one's body and as such can best be responsible for its care and that, with that purpose in mind, truthful natural health information is not only our right to give (as per the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America) but is ethical to give. We write well-known, time-honored and otherwise available health data — which is data, no more, no less. We expect and encourage people to consult in any health decision a licensed practitioner and very preferably one well trained and oriented in natural methodologies.

Note that water filtration systems offered may reduce levels of certain common contaminates in water but do not claim to eliminate them. If you have a sensitivity to or a concern regarding a particular contaminate, please consult a water treatment professional in your area.


Rights Reserved

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.


Products and services offered at this online store, proprietary or otherwise, are all trademarks and service marks of their respective owners, whether explicitly marked or otherwise. The contents published on this website are copyrighted and may not be used without expressed, written consent.


We do not agree to unsolicited commercial emails to our published email addresses. Any email addresses posted on our site are for customer service use.

Policies subject to change without notice.