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Evan, at age 5Unlike conventional shampoos, ours don't contain formaldehyde and aren't dumping carcinogens into the bloodstream and brain. What they do have are olive Castille soap, herbs, trace minerals, beautiful quality oils and essential oils and such - all-natural goodies in formulations made for various kinds of hair and scalps.

We do not add gummy thickeners that would goop up your hair and coat the scalp, so our shampoos pour out easily. Also, because they contain no filler ingredients, they are quite concentrated. All these contain are things to make your hair and scalp healthy and beautiful. Please use just drops to start. You can always apply more, but there is great value inside these bottles and as Aunt Tillie always said, 'Ain't no point in wastin'.


(Photo: Evan, at age 5)

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Deep-conditioning all-natural shampoo for dry hair.

$9.25 - $31.75

Evan formulated Hair Be There Shampoo to help restore the hair and scalp to full, glorious health.

$15.50 - $68.72

Luxurious natural shampoo leaves normal or oily hair shiny and manageable. 

$9.25 - $31.75