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Shea Butter Cheek Tint

5 gram
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Shea Butter Cheek Tint gives a true-seeming blush to the cheeks. I wanted to make a rouge with astonishingly natural color. So what I did, in formulating it, was to aim for the actual color of blood.


This cheek tint looks like a natural flush on virtually any skin tone, very light to very dark, even very warm to very cool. The right amount of the tint on your cheeks and voila! you've got excellent circulation. You are the picture of health!


To me that look of naturally rosy cheeks is just smashing. 


Apply just a bit in a few slight dabs on your cheeks (a little bit goes a looong way). A few short stokes blends it in. I try to place it where my cheeks do get flushed when I exercise.


You can achieve any look you are after, of course, from subtle to dramatic, depending upon how much you apply. A very little bit, though, is usually enough to light up your face wtih the look of radiant health. The 5-ml pot lasts and lasts. 


Shea Butter Cheek Tint contains gorgeous-quality shea butter, minerals, antioxidants and pure essential oils to give it a wonderful scent — an added bit of pleasure. The finish, the feel you are left with, is non-greasy and a bit powdery. Shea butter softens the skin and the lack of waxes allows your skin to breathe. 


Naturally, She Butter Cheek Tint contains nothing toxic, none of the vast array of other cheap and suspect ingredients that lurk in almost all make-up products (including some of the "natural" make-up lines as well).


We can look healthy and beautiful without damaging our health! To us aware, modern women, this knowledge brings a deep sigh of relief.

Shea Butter Cheek Tint contains fragrance (pure essential oils), grapefruit seed extract, lipoic acid (anti-oxidants), mica, red oxide, rosemary extract, shea butter, ultramarine pink & rose, Vitamin E (mixed tocotrienols).

Use a spatula or cosmetic applicator to pick up a small amount of Cheek Tint. Place on fingertips and rub between thumb and forefinger to warm and soften. Apply with fingers or a make-up sponge or other suitable implement and spread according to your preference.

This is a wonderful 2-for-1 natural skincare and makeup product! It's super moisturizing and it provides an even, "flushed" color on the cheeks and lips. Great for sensitive and dry skin.
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