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Here is a game for you!



I am tossing out to you an idea, something you can catch, check out and participate in. It could allow us to keep Evan’s Garden here, our website up, if enough people do it.



A while back, I announced that we were closing. Customers responded. They were sweet and very appreciative but quite upset. I felt the loss heavily, too, and I hate to disappoint people. So, on looking to see what could be done, I came up with a solution that just might work.



We're calling it the Evan's Garden Subscription Program!



Essentially, you’d get an order of your choice every month. There are discounts for different sizes of orders and freebies.


The order can be the same every month or change — up to you.


We set up a day for me to run the order for you (the 5th, 10th, 15th) - whatever works best for you.


If you want to change what you’re getting, you just let me know about a week ahead.


Voila! That’s basically it! 



Some customers have jumped in as subscribers. Woohoo!!


How about give it try?



To get more information or join us, please email me at, I'll get back to you fast.



Let's turn this into a win!
























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