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About Evan's Garden, Inc. (earlier named Organic Beauty, Inc.)

Our Spa started to use Evan's Garden (Organic Beauty) products in November of 2002. We were very impressed with the quality of each product. We use all the facial products with the addition of the Ma Jeunesse cream on our own faces and we have noticed the clarity, and color improved, tighter skin and smaller pores. The Evan's Garden Facial has been offered in our Facial Menu line and everyone loves the way it feels and smells. You feel good about using these products and turning others onto this unique philosophy of product. I could go on and on about the benefits but seeing is believing and believing is seeing the difference!  Evan's Garden -Naturally! - J.E.M., Owner, Day Spa

My sincere compliments to you for providing such a wonderful company for those, like me, who love truly natural/organic products. I have worked in the finest department store cosmetic departments & tried everything out there, wasting my money & my skin on trying to find just the right products. As I turned 50, my focus has changed from chemical to natural/organic, & I won't use anything else. I even joined a co-op, which sells all the natural products I could ever be exposed to. Yet I found, nothing is as good as Evan's Garden...I truly mean it, and I'm just a new customer. I'm so impressed with your ingredients, as I've studied aromatherapy, plants, herbs, and such; and you don't put in any chemical junk! You can quote me on any part of this letter for your testimonials, ok? Looking forward to your response. Thank you & best of everything to your wonderful working family - D.D.

Thanks a lot for your ongoing great work!  It benefits us women a great deal.  Love  Gabriele  :-)

You are awesome!!! I gave my first mini facial today and my client was blown away! That was especially great for me because her regular esthetician is one of the best in town. I am selling this stuff like crazy and it is only going to get better for us all!!! See you in tomorrow, - Kimberly, Day Spa Manager

I strongly recommend Evan's Garden products -- they keep my skin feeling and looking smooth and fresh. The natural extracts and organic ingredients nourish the cells so that anyone can achieve beautiful skin! I feel confident in recommending these products to my patients. - Lisa Benest, M.D., Dermatologist

Love u Evan, keep up the good work, u do!!! i just love ur products! U R the best! Denyse L.

I love your products, the natural mineral make up, and skin products like DreamSoap and Youth Trio because they are made lovingly and thoughtfully, have natural ingredients, and are gentle and effective!  - J.L

Thank you! all arrived today and intact. am so pleased with your products
and will stick with your products until my last breath!"    helen(^_^)   H.H.

I just received my first order and wow, what a treat to use these products. Now I get it...THIS stuff is natural! The other "natural" products I've been using...not so much! Everything left my skin feeling wonderful and using Crème Rose is the closest thing to having a fuzzy lens filter on my face aside from becoming a movie star! And I've only used it for 2 days. I really look forward to using it all some more. - K.A.

Hope all is well. I got my wonderful box of goodies at the end of last week and have been having such fun! Your products are truly wonderful. I have three daughters and they loved the perfume samples. So far, YaYa is my favorite. I was the most surprised by the tooth powder. I absolutely love it! I can't believe how clean my teeth feel! I didn't think my daughters would want to try it since it looks like dirt, but they surprised me! They beg me for it!! It's a mixed blessing- given the cost, and if all 5 of us use it... it won't last long! Oh well, they're worth it. My eight year old's adult teeth actually look whiter to me already! The skincare sampler is so awesome! So far, my favorites are the rose serum and the mask. I get a few blemishes with my cycle, and I use that now as an overnight spot treatment. It really seems to take the inflamation and redness away. Well, I could go on and on- but I new I'd love the stuff! - G.D.

Don't get caught with Clorox under the sink, Suave in the shower, Maybeline in the drawer, or Glade plugged into the wall! Visit Evan's Garden and get the BEST handmade products that work better than commercial products---and don't cause illness!   V.G. who made this slogan up for us. :o)


                 Hi, Evan! For some time now I've been totally hooked on your dental products. Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! The last time we talked, you suggested the '

                As Young  As I Feel' serum, which I subsequently tried. OMG! This stuff is better than magic! So I'm back for the large size WITH the Creme Rose and

                Ma Jeunesse. Can't wait!   Wishing you well, M. G.

Good Morning Evan - As I had mentioned to you in one of my previous e-mails, I wanted to send you my personal feedback so you can add it to your testimonials from happy customers. So, here is what I have to say about my first dealings with you. As a first-time customer with, I was pleasantly surprised at the very warm and friendly e-mails I received from Evans. His quick response to my e-mails and his care in wanting to establish a positive relationship with me was very well received and appreciated. Actually, I was quite surprised by their warm greeting! As I was ordering from Canada, I wasn't allowed to free postal delivery, on my first order. However, Evans not knowing this at the time of responding back to my e-mail, still allowed me to take advantage of this special for first-time clients, which I found very professional and gracious on the part of Not too many companies, either large or small, I believe would have stuck to their original message; I am sure they would have found some sort of excuse to overcome sending my package free of charge. In a nutshell, I very much liked the way Evans dealt with me, and would not hesitate to purchase again from them, even though there is the Canadian-US exchange rate to take into consideration, and the duty fees I needed to pay. As for their products, they are of very high quality, and a lot of care is given to the way they package your order. Keep up the great work and the quality of your shows! Evans, many thanks and keep up the good work!! Hope my testimony will help bring in more customers to you.... Have a good day and until soon... Regards, - O.P.

I have started using your products and I absolutely love them...I can't wait for my order to come in. If you would like to send me a newsletter I'd love to give you some ideas on different topics...if you haven't already covered them. Thanks for asking me and I am so happy I found Evan's Garden...It's AWESOME!! - R.C.

I love your products. I am so happy that I switched to these because they are safe for my face and body. Every one of the products I'm using feels refreshing, stimulating, and nourishing. I have less wrinkles, my husband said so, and my face is soft and smooth all the time. Thanks for doing what you're doing, - L.S.

Your products have certainly improved the way I feel about my skin. The line makes me feel like me face is clean and replenishing itself. I 've also seen an improvement with the occasional breakouts...I feel great using these products...this is what skin care is supposed to do! I can't wait to try the mineral makeup foundation. I already know it will be a great benefit. - R.C.

I just started using your skin care products and I want to let you know what happened. The other day I was wearing a tank top and my 13 year old daughter came up and gave me a hug and said WOW! your skin is so soft. Then just this morning she walked into my bedroom, looked at my face and said you look really pretty are you wearing new makeup? I was not wearing any makeup at all! I have not worn any makeup for several days now and it feels wonderful. Thank you. - A.F.

As for your products, I absolutely love them and am delighted so far.  I had already been using xxxx but my skin is loving your wonderful potions and I certainly plan to continue ordering.  I am still perplexed how 1 drop
of dreamsoap can produce so much lather- it's great.  Everything else is wonderful too.  The facial scrub is great, the spray toner and the creme is the best I have tried.  Believe it or not I have always shied away from
using moisturizers because even the xxxx ones leave my skin feeling a bit weird for lack of a better word.  But your creme is like silk- so light I do not even know it's there- I am thrilled with it.
I will certainly recommend you to everyone I know....
Incidentally- every single one of your thoughts, your tips and your insights are exactly how my fiance and I live and think after attending Hippocrates Health Institute about 6 years ago when I was very ill.  It is great to hear from others that share the same knowledge and insight etc.
Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday and a Joyous and Peaceful New Year.

Thanks so much for mailing my products so fast.   They came right away and I have been loving everything.
My favorites are the Ma Jeunesse and the Rose Creme, and your Lavender Soap.   Warmest aloha, L.H.

  I absolutely love my products and will be ordering more from you ASAP!  S.M.

I have depression but it's mostly from Chronic Skin Picking on my face since about the sixth grade. Recently my sister Carla showed me an article in the March 2004 issue of SELF about Chronic Skin Picking it has changed my life forever they have a website just for this problem...I thought I was the only one with this problem ... but they are realizing and ready to label it a separate problem out side all the rest of the OCD conditions. I have been talking to people on the support board at and have been pick free for a week, I feel that I can stop all together now ... since I have support from other people who understand. I have directed people from this message board to EvansGarden. because your products are ONE OF A KIND. That's why your products even mean more to me since they work and make my skin feel and look wonderful. I have been blessed not to have as much scarring and damage as most people with this problem seem to have. I'm blonde and very fair skinned so any problems with my skin are very visible. I wanted to thank you all again and God for finding a solution to my very serious issue. - C.K.

Hello There. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have been busy, busy, busy. Anyways, I love the products I have ordered so far. They make my skin feel and look younger than my age. I will try more products when I can. I am very happy with your products. I have tried so many natural products. I just couldn't find anything that made my skin feel good. Until I found yours. Thank you again for making such a great line of natural organic products. - A.H.

I am in love with that rose serum!!!! I wake up wash my face, it looks ok....but it's missing something, i put the serum on and face is happy, healthy and rosy. My skin just eats this stuff up, it goes on as an oil and my face just absorbs all the nutrients right in leaving a very soft, plump and healthy glow. And...I have had several comments when greeting friends with kisses on the cheek that i smell like soft rose petals and they love the soft natural scent, thier skin is probably saying, i want that too it really is skin food! Also, I have used my babies diaper cream on little redness and it disappears by the next diaper change. I have also tried it on my face when I have had little blemishes and they too disappear pronto. Thank you guys!! You are doing an amazing job making incredible products. - A.A.

I really love your products!! It is very timely for you to be asking me these questions because I recently realized how much better your products are than others I have tried. I recently purchased the Leeza Gibbons Sheer Cover make-up which comes with a sunscreen moisturizer and a cleanser. When I used it my face broke out and looked dirty! I sent the stuff back!!! Also, I have been using Miracle II soap for my face and body but my face wasn't looking as good as it does when I use Dreamsoap. You see, I was saving the last of my Dreamsoap because it is so precious. Anyway I said to heck with it and started using my last bottle of Dreamsoap on my face and voila! My skin looks great again!! What a relief!! I had forgotten how good I was looking before I stopped using it!!! So keep up the great work!!! Believe me, I've tried everything! It really helps to keep my humongous pores clean and that's really the only thing I can do for that problem. Also, I have been using the powder for my face and I think it is therapeutic too! - N.I.

The Evan's Garden products that I've tried so far have been both a pleasure and in some cases a miracle. These organic solutions function far better than any others I've used before and they're so clean and sumptuous that using them is more of a joy than a chore. Imagine looking forward to washing and moisturizing your face, or brushing your teeth (as an adult whose done this thousands of times). But I do !!! - R.B.

Love your stuff, thank YOU!  - J.P.

I love the products that I have bought from you. The anti aging kit has really helped my skin, and minimized the wrinkles I was getting under my eyes. Yay! I also love the clarity face soap. I helps to clear up the blemishes that used to crop up now and then, and it seems to help smooth my skin tone (well, that along with the other kit too). I know you hear it all the time, but I have tried every super expensive creme from Lancome and whomever, but it never really helped my skin.  -  H.P.

I have ordered a smattering of your marvelous sounding products and am so looking forward to getting them. I also have never received such a welcome or generous treatment as I did from your dear mate, he was such a help to me. I love the text you write and am inspired by your efforts to make this a healthier, safer world for all of us. Thank you... - T.P.

Hi! Thank you for the personal delivery, that was an unexpected personal touch. These products are magnificent. I really believe that they are the finest products in the world. Really. I love the pink lip balm. It is such a pretty colour and it feels good too. These products are a real gift. Thank you for making them. Love, - J.S.

Evan: Thank you so much for returning my call it was very much appreciated. I did receive my products on Saturday. I truly do love your products, they make my skin look so clear and even. I noticed also that my make-up stays on better. Have a wonderful Holiday season, and thanks again for caring about your customers and making such wonderful products. - M.M.

I love your products because they feel like the best food l can give my skin. I would never be able to return to the other products l use to use (expensive by the way) because your line feels so much better than any of them. My skin feels fresh, soft and very happy. My body feels great because of no chemical at all and the highest quality of ingredients you can find anywhere...Thank you so much for such a dedication to perfection. - J.G.

I also feel wonderful using your products. I know I am using excellent ingredients that are not chemical laden. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Blessings, - K.S.

I'll be 57 on August 30th. Thanks to your products I'm looking younger, too!! - L.S.

received my second order from you this past week and I wanted to say my skin appreciates it. Even my husband was intrigued and tried the tooth powder, he believes most anything in the bathroom is 'girly stuff' so steers clear. I know what you mean by the falseness of the so called 'natural' products out there. I had quite a few products purchased through health food stores and after reading the list in your catalog of 'junk' put in I went and read all my labels. I was angry !! I bought this so called 'cucumber cleansing cream' and 'DMAE' cream and 'all natural' anti-wrinkle creams in good faith and I feel cheated. Their catalogs are now all in the trash. Thank you for being honest. That truly is a rarity these days. We're lucky to be in an area where lots of farm and crafts people produce and sell locally so most of my products and foods are purchased directly from the grower. We have a few that make a limited line of bath products but I'm glad there's you two making skin care products. Thank you. - D.S.

As for your products, I absolutely love them and am delighted so far. I had already been using Aubrey but my skin is loving your wonderful potions as well and I certainly plan to continue ordering. I am still perplexed how 1 drop of DreamSoap can produce so much lather- it's great. Everything else is wonderful too. The facial scrub is great, the spray toner and the creme is the best I have tried. Believe it or not I have always shied away from using moisturizers because even the Aubrey ones leave my skin feeling a bit weird for lack of a better word. But your creme is like silk- so light I do not even know it's there- I am thrilled with it. - L.D.

I am in my 30's and starting to see a few wrinkles here and there - yuck! I have tried about every health product in the health food stores and just kept switching to another. This is because I never found anything that worked so well that I felt I just had to have it! Not until I started using the Organic Beauty products! There are so many wonderful things about these products that I could go on about. The best thing is that they WORK! The next thing is how clean and pure they are and even healing! Thank you Evan for caring enough to come up with such incredibly effective products, you are truly a very beautiful person and very talented! This is True! - R.L.

Hi, I just had a thought. You know how they named the algae from Klamath Lake super blue green algae? Well, your products should be named supernatural compared to what is known as natural out there! I thought it was a cute play on words! Love, - C.K.

New Earth Botanicals [herbal medicine line] and Evan's Garden [cosmetic] products: I have been drug free for 30 years, eating primarily organic food for 25 years, am into holistic medicine, consume quantities of the finest supplements and don't use the standard household cleaning products, etc., etc.. You could say I pretty much annoy the s--t out of those who think this is all bull, but the point is, my body now responds to quality ingredients and can tell when something is or isn't. These Evan's Garden products are the highest quality products I've seen in all the natural, organic and wildcrafted plant essences products that are marketed everywhere, even in quite prestigious places. A growing portion of the billions of dollars plus industry is now devoted to I've got the most pure, natural, organic.....etc. Well, one has to have an ideal scene to evaluate all others against; this is the real thing, if you can have it. How would you know if you weren't part of the quest? I was getting a foot massage with some other quite good natural stuff and after about five minutes this was all wiped off. I thought I was done but was immediately aware of a change when something else was put on the soles of my feet and rubbed in. There was no comparison with what was being used; it was a different experience. I was aware that something different was being used although I had no information about New Earth Botanicals, All Better Honey. I didn't know this is what I was now getting a foot massage with. My feet loved this stuff; it was like feeding the body through the feet! Sounds weird, eh?! However, the feet absorbed this stuff and felt better immediately, noticeably better than with anything previously used. I could tell that whatever was being used, was very high quality and my body liked it. Sort of like, when you are lacking in a specific nutrient and you take the right supplementation it instantly indicates to the body. I had a quite bad sunburn two weeks ago; I was lobster red; the top of my head and forehead were fried!! I put the product La Crème de la Crème on the burned areas. It instantly absorbed completely and within a few hours healed. I normally use straight fresh aloe vera right from my own plants and it works great, although slower than this product. I was amazed at how quickly my skin repaired from using this La Crème de la Crème product. Someone, somewhere who has the resources to help this new company is going to make it big when they use these products and see that they sit on the very TOP of the cosmetics industry and thus are a fortune in the making. - J.B.

Hi Evan, My favorite products are the DreamSoap and Le Creme de la Creme. I use these daily and can't live without them. I have combination skin and so many other cleansers dry out my skin or just don't clean very well. I am also very sensitive to smells and your products don't bother me at all, maybe because they are natural scents, not artificial fragrances. I really like La Creme because it is light, works well and doesn't make my face feel or look greasy. I am also a big fan of Velvet. Again, even though this is a scrub, unlike other products I have used, this does not dry out my skin and it really gives you a deep down clean. My main reason for even looking into your products is that I had been doing research on parabens and not surprisingly, I have found them to be in just about every single product out there, from mascara to soap to cough syrup. I have been trying to reduce this exposure any way that I can and I happened to stumble upon your website and found your wonderful paraben-free products. I really enjoy your products and will continue to buy them as long as you and Evan continue to make them! Thank you so much for making such wonderful products! I will be placing another order soon! Thanks! - Lisa

Hi Evan! I just wanted you to know that I am so thrilled to be a part of Organic Beauty. Your products are soooooo wonderful! They make me smile inside every time I use them. It feels great to be doing something for the environment and the earth as well as spoiling myself! I came home and played with all of my goodies in the basket and now I am setting here glowing as I read the manual. You guys are awesome! What a way to reach out and make a difference. I have told several people about your products... Love you guys!!! Thank you! :) :) :) - Nana

We love the products. My personal favorite is the Velvet. The rest are also tops of the list and that includes the cleaning product which gleams the dishes and the sink area.I used the All Better Honey on J's feet and he immediately felt a difference. He said My god what's in the stuff?? It's incredible! How's that!!! The face mask and cleanser and scrub I used periodically and love them too. My face feels clean and refreshed each time - almost renewed. The products are truly magnificent, Evan. - V.B.

I love your stuff & recommend it every chance I get. - T.C.

Your products are exceptional! - J.H.

I first heard of your products by briefly intercepting your catalog that was sent to my boss, dermatologist Dr. Lisa Benest. I had been being educated by, of all people, our patients on the toxic ingredients in most beauty products--something I never thought about before. Working for a dermatologist, I have been exposed to some of the best beauty cleansers and creams on the market, not to mention that we could get them for free from the marketing reps. For years I have thought that we carried some of the best lines around, but I was wrong. I ordered the Clarity Dream Soap for the face and the difference between this and what I had been using is night and day. This soap doesn't leave my face either oily or dry, but it's more than that--it actually feels good for my skin. Not to mention it smells great and just a drop does the trick. This bottle will last quite a while! Ma Jeunesse is just incredible. There is no cream on the market that's quite like it. I laughed at the idea of taking a photo of my face before I started using it to compare it with one taken after I'd been using it for awhile. I should have listened--there IS a noticeable difference. The way it is absorbed by the skin is the way carrot juice seems to be absorbed by the body--it feels like it goes right to the cells with no need of any other carrier. I use it for both my day moisturizer and my night moisturizer. If I could afford it, I'd use it all over my body--twice daily! Working in an environment where I am exposed to every new cream and treatment for skin imaginable, I have become very discerning of what I use. The products we sell are good, but I am so much more impressed with the quality and purity of Organic Beauty products that I am going to forego the office freebies and make a place in my budget for the best. As a financial specialist, I can see that the cost-to-value ratio is definitely in my favor! Again, thanks for the products and I look forward to receiving the new stuff and trying those--I'll probably be raving about those, too, soon! It was great meeting you this morning--my positive thoughts back at ya for continuing success! - Carol (who works for Dr. Benest)

I really like the products. I love knowing that there are no chemicals or toxins. My pores on my nose are smaller. I can't wait til Bob [spouse] gets paid again so I can come buy some more. - J.D.

Hi Organic Beauty Buds, I really like the products that I recently purchased and I thought that you would like to know. The Lavender soap is so incredibly creamy and refreshing. I see the Lavender will be my favorite and it goes even further than the last variety I purchased, and that lasted an incredible 3.5 months! My scalp tingles with delight from the shampoo and the tooth powder leaves a refreshing, clean feeling in my mouth long after regular (yuk) toothpaste does. You guys have hit the mother lode in safe effective personal hygiene and I absolutely love all of the Organic Beauty products that I have used so far. Keep up the R&D and let's see what else you are inspired to create. - Much love, - B.Y.

Your products smell so wonderful and last for such a long time. It's a treat to smell the beautiful aromas but also how many skin looks and feels dewy and much more radiant while using them. I especially liked the All Better Honey Salve. I will from time to time have an eczema flare-up and when I apply the salve, it lessened the duration of the eczema so much faster than typical hydrocortisone topical ointments. - V.H.

It's a beautiful, beautiful line. Love the organicness of it. - G.M.C.

I have had great results with all of your products that I have used. Thank you! Excellent!!!! - S.E.

Regarding the cost of the products: I wanted to let you know that I purchased the small jar of Crème de la Crème 2 months ago for approximately $40 (I forget the exact amount, you can fill that in if you want). I use it daily and it is halfway gone which means that a whole jar will last me 4 months. That comes out to $10/month, $2.50/week or $.36/day. That is not really very expensive, is it, especially for the quality you are getting? - L.B.

I see the Lavender [soap] will be my favorite and it goes even further than the last variety I purchased, and that lasted an incredible 3.5 months! - B.Y.

Your stuff lasts forever. Love it, just haven't used it all up!  - N.N.

I love the skin care product line from Organic Beauty. So when they came out with a travel kit, I definitely wanted one so I could continue using the products away from home. I am accustomed to the generous quantities of the standard-sized containers, so when I got the smaller travel sizes, I thought I would be refilling them frequently. Not so! Because it takes such a small amount of product to achieve the result that I look for, the quantities in the travel kit last so much longer than I initially expected. I am convinced that the people at Organic Beauty give their consumers a lot in exchange for their money. - C.Z.
I feel wonderful using your products. I know I am using excellent ingredients that are not chemical laden. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. - K.S.


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Your newsletter was not only informative but also came to a moving finish. A great job! - V.B.

And I love your e-newsletters - they are very moving, especially for an ex-Earth First!'er like me (now I'm older, married, and stuck in The Rut, but still have the fire in my belly). And thanks for being such a good resource of ingredient information; being anal about ingredients, I'm always going to it as a reference. - V.P.
Wow, Evan. That was just awesome. It evoked a symphony of harmony with the pastoral world. It took me back... have me chills... You're a great writer. Thanks for the reminder of all that is beauty.... :) - Love, - H.D.
Hi Evan, Just a short note from me to let you know that your article was beautiful. It is so well written and true, containing everything that should be known and communicated. I admire you, and I feel proud to know you and be your friend. You communicate so well, much love - V.P.
Great Start - you are a wonderful writer - very informative - touching a bit on everything and setting the stage for your intentions.I would love to hear more about solme of your special finds, ingredients. I have a feeling you have a lot of them and the mastery has been in ther way you have used them.Your products, on the other hand {as colmapred to commercial cosmetic companies], provide a natural alternative of nature's gifts so that we can honestly be the best we can be at whatever time in our life.... Thanks ! - D.B.
Thanks for the newsletter, I read it all and it was great. It was very informative and a quick read. I will continue to use and promote your product. - A.M.
Well done. I love reading all the info, you know. We all like the natural approach, It is great to get the data on the why's of using it. You explain in simple terms which makes for easy reading. - S.E.