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Tooth & Gum Powder

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Natural Tooth Powder for Healthy Gums and Teeth

Our natural tooth powder contains no deadly poison (fluoride), no engine degreaser (sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate) or anti-freeze (propylene glycol). No artificial anything (as in colors or flavors), no fillers, nothing but pure, herbal love for your teeth and gums.


This is the very first product I concocted, about 12 years ago now. What happened is that I was told I needed pricey dental surgery. 'Course, I didn't want surgery, no thanks! and besides, I didn't have the thousands it would cost. Fortunately, I was knowledgeable, as part of my work, in the herbal healing advices of Dr. John Christopher. He taught that one herb will handle anything yucky going on in the mouth. I went to the local health food stores to find a toothpaste or powder containing it. Nowhere to be seen. What I did find grossed me out: many "natural" dental products with ingredients I'd have rejected for health concerns. An online search brought up nothing, too. So, I studied to make sure I was up on any new herbal discoveries, got together ingredients to enhance a dental formula made with this herb and created Tooth & Gum Powder. I used it religiously and it worked! Never did have that surgery.


When some friends tried my dental powder and loved it, the idea was born of making it available to others through a natural products business. I had concocted two other goodies by then, All Better, Honey™ universal balm and The Perfect Rose™ Refining Facial Serum and thus Organic Beauty, Inc./Evan's Garden was born. Makes me happy just to tell you about that.



You're likely to find that your teeth get shiny and clean from Tooth & Gum Powder, too. Most people do use Natural Toothpaste as well as the powder, however, since the purpose of my toothpaste is cleaning and brightening the teeth and we (I, our staff, my customers) have found that Natural Toothpaste takes clean another step further. So, I recommend using Tooth & Gum Powder and Toothpaste both, as most people do, but the best way to do that is to use each by itself at a separate time. The formulas are different, have unique benefits which are best imparted separately.



Please read the reviews of Tooth & Gum Powder below and when you've used it, share with me how you like it, OK? 

Much love,



Tooth & Gum powder, another WOW!!! It has improved the condition of my gums tremendously. I had the best dental check-up in years!!! - M.A.


Tooth & Gum Powder is the first product we made and still one of our very most popular. Formulated with plant ingredients known for bringing effective results, its main ingredient is white oak bark powder. This is the herb which famed Master Herbalist, Dr. John Christopher, suggested to his students as a remedy for dental and gum care situations.

Our powder takes the place of toothpaste. And it is very easy to use. Back when I was a youngin’  on the farm (okay, all right, not exactly on a farm), tooth powders were common. You dispensed a bit into the palm of your hand, picked the powder up with a wet toothbrush and had at it. That’s what you do with ours. Now, you needn’t use much. Unless you want or feel you need to. Our  one-ounce bottle lasts the three of us about 6 weeks.

The benefits of a wholly natural dental care product are many. First, we use none of the chemicals so common in ordinary dentifrices. Some of those chemicals are toxic or irritating and can cause serious problems. Second, the trace minerals, herbs and other good things are very helpful. Your teeth an d gums will be thanking you every day!

The taste? Minty with hints of other herbal extracts. Very refreshing! How clean might your teeth get? Could it be good for gums? Read the testimonials!


I love, love, love the Tooth & Gum powder. It works so well, my teeth and whole mouth feel so great, but what I most love about it is that it is so effective but so gentle. Thank you, Evan - H.N.

The Evan's Garden products that I've tried so far have been both a pleasure and in some cases a miracle. These organic solutions function far better than any others I've used before and they're so clean and sumptuous that using them is more of a joy than a chore. Imagine looking forward to washing and moisturizing your face, or brushing your teeth (as an adult whose done this thousands of times). But I do !!! I had been having a pretty rough time with my teeth and gums for some years when I started using the
Evan's Garden tooth and gum powder. My dentist was marveling at how well my gums were holding up during a very harsh procedure where normally he would see lots of bleeding. My gums barely bleed at all so he complimented me for being a good patient and "obviously" flossing religiously. When I told him I actually hadn't flossed in a month he was stunned so I told him I was using this special organic tooth powder. Still in a state of minor disbelief, he asked me to order some for his personal use. I recommend that anyone that cares about their health and wants to stay young try the Evan's Garden products right away - the clock is ticking and we need all the help we can get in this world of artificial products and chemical everything. - R.B.

I use the Tooth & Gum powder twice a day. When I first got it a few days ago, I used it three times as I had a pain in my tooth. It immediately made the pain go away, and the swelling in my gums went down after a couple of hours and its practically gone now. - S.C.

Drew [daughter] just went on a camp out with school & brought her tooth powder with her. She doesn't like other toothpaste now! - C.W.

The Tooth and Gum Powder is a huge hit in my house. My sister, my mother and I all LOVE IT!!! I'll be back to buy some more soon. I really enjoy your products. - E.G.

Thank you for the tooth and gum powder! It is having a very good effect on some very sensitive areas where I have receding gums... the sensitivity has calmed down about 80%! And one back tooth was going brown -- amazingly it's now getting lighter & lighter in color! I LOVE using it too -- leaves a fresh minty taste in my mouth -- I used to use just bicarb and salt -- this is SO much better! I had to convince my grandkids to try it when they visited (as I keep no other toothpaste now) -- they resisted because it doesn't have the "toothpaste look" they're used to... but all agreed it made their mouths feel fabulous! - L.B.

I had my teeth cleaned after using the Tooth and Gum Powder for a month or so. The hygienist said that my gums were in great shape. Dentists use a number system to determine how spongy (bad) the gums are - how much them are receding from the tooth and root - with 0 being perfect and going down from there. The hygienist said that the last time I was there - perhaps 5 years ago - that mine were a 6. She said that this time my gums were a 1 - J.S.

I have been on medication for a few years that is contributing to the demise of my formerly good teeth, and I was suffering from painful teeth....... as though the nerves were exposed and raw. I was unable to even touch two of my teeth with my fingers because they were so sore. After three days of your amazing tooth pain! - ( and my breath smells fresh too!) Thank you, thank you, thank you! - T.P.

Part of a filling came out of one of my lower molars! Just a tiny hole, but it's been giving me trouble. You know, hot and cold sensitivity, sometimes throbbing pain or those sharp stabs that wake one up in the middle of the night!!!!!!! So, I concocted a rinse with your fabulous tooth and gum powder and have swished and rinsed three times a day [with the mouth rinse] for the past couple days out of desperation until I can see my dentist. If I couldn't see the tiny gaping hole in my tooth, I wouldn't know that I needed dental attention now...the 'rinse' has been miraculous and taken away any and all aches and pains and of course, I FEEL so much better not having to deal with the pain! A really awesome product Evan, just like all those other treats you make for us! - S.H.

I went to my endodontist in February 2003 to perform a repeat root canal on a molar. The doctor found on an x-ray that the bone around the tooth was very weak and not much of it was left. She warned me in advance that the chances of saving the tooth were 50/50 and we went ahead and did the retreatment for the canals on that tooth. After 3 months I had the tooth inspected and there was very little growth of the bone around the tooth. The doctor decided to put on some more medication and wait 3 more months. We left it for a while, because we had to treat more urgent problems. In October 2003 I started using Evan's Garden Tooth & Gum powder and kept on using it 2 to 3 times a day. I made sure I brushed my teeth, my gums and other parts of my mouth. In March 2004 the endodontist did her final check-up on this tooth and she was astonished with the results. The bone around my tooth had grown completely and everything looked perfectly healed to her. Her words were, Go ahead and put a new crown on it. If I had lost that tooth my option was to pull it out, to implant one molar behind it and have a three-tooth bridge. I can't imagine how much pain, suffering and money I saved by using the Evan's Garden Tooth & Gum Powder. I will definitely continue using it for brushing my teeth and gums and recommend it to anyone I can. Thank you, Evan and Kevin. - Y.L.




Tooth & Gum Powder contains aplha lipoic acid, astragalus root extract, baking soda, bayberry extract, burdock root, calendula extract, calendula flower powder, cat’s claw bark, chaparral root, chlorophyll, citrus seed extract, Co-Enzyme Q-10, echinacea angustifolia/purpurea root, eleuthero root, garlic bulb, gingko biloba herb, Habañero cayenne pepper extract, horsetail herb powder & extract, L-carnitine powder, liquid trace minerals, lobelia herb & seed, myrrh essential oil, neem leaf extract, neem leaf powder, niaouli viridiflora essential oil, olive leaf extract, Oregon grape root, pau d’arco inner bark, peppermint essential oil, plantain herb powder & extract, propolis, ravensara aromatica essential oil, red clover blossom, sea salt, spearmint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, usnea lichen, vitamin C complex, white oak bark powder,wild indigo root, wild oregano oil, yellowdock root.

Get your toothbrush wet, set aside, now into the clean palm of your hand tap a small pile (about a 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon should do it) of Tooth & Gum Powder. Pick up the powder with the wet brush and brush gently all over your both your teeth and your gums, then rinse of course, preferably with purified or spring water. I keep a bottle of spring water at the sink. Also, I rinse with just a little bit of my Tooth & Gum Rinse for the final swishing. 


Sometimes I like to leave the powder in my mouth while showering and rinse it out when done. Or brush, leave it in my mouth, get dressed, then rinse. This is so as to expose my mouth to its herbal power a bit longer. In any case, rinse when you're ready to. If you like, you can pack the powder in over a certain area and leave it there while you do something else, then rinse.


If you pack it in or just leave it on your teeth, do not do so before you go to sleep. You wouldn't want to be dreaming you're on a roller coaster, gasp and breathe it in. Or that you're at a banquet drinking deeply of a fine wine and  swallow it while sleeping. Seriously, you should never have anything like that in your mouth when you go to sleep. (I know you know that, but, hey, it can't hurt to state the obvious.)  



Now, very, very, very rarely, a person has had some tooth discoloration from this powder (white oak bark is brown). Out of several thousand people, just a, what's that, about .0005 or less of its users? If that happens, your teeth must be awfully porous. Of course, to handle this, there are commercial whiteners and perhaps a natural whitener aside from my Natural Toothpaste, you know the kinds that make teeth almost super white? My main thought is that it's likely a very good idea, if you're one of the .0005 or fewer, to connect with a natural doctor. My best recommendation for virtually any health situation, and what I have had the best results form myself, is to locate a real Master of Chinese Medicine since these are the quintessential holistic doctors, with the skill to diagnose why problems have happened and to hone right in on the internal organs that need balancing. That and to eat organic, whole foods and use organic, whole herbs in your life and only organic, whole food supplements as needed. That's my opinion by experience and training. Anyway, if you have extremely porous teeth, this may not be the product for you and I would see a holistic doctor to find out how to build up the bone before you use this product.

Disclaimer: While we make every effort to research and develop the finest natural products, we offer our products as-is and with the understanding that we make no structural or functional claims for them.

Statements made by customers giving their experiences with products are personal testimonials and any results are not claimed by us to be typical. Our customers are encouraged to try the products and see for themselves. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.

We are not licensed medical practitioners. We, obviously, do not examine, diagnose, treat or prescribe for anyone nor do we do anything that could remotely be considered offering medical advice. We merely state data that can be verified by independent research, which we encourage our visitors and customers to do. We do feel that one owns one's body and as such can best be responsible for its care and that, with that purpose in mind, truthful natural health information is not only our right to give (as per the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America) but is ethical to give. We write well-known, time-honored and otherwise available health data — which is data, no more, no less. We expect and encourage people to consult in any health decision a licensed practitioner and very preferably one well trained and oriented in natural methodologies.


This product is great to have on hand for a teeth cleaner. Also, there have been a few times when my husband and I have had sore gums and/or sore teeth. We put some of this powder on our gums and the tenderness was gone either in a few minutes or the next day.
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