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Tooth Polish

.75 oz.
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Natural Tooth Polish for brighter, whiter teeth

Evan's Garden Tooth Polish leaves teeth brighter and oh, so clean.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tooth scrub. That stuff is awesome! Smells great, taste great, leaves my mouth feeling great! - S.I.


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Our natural tooth polish contains phenomenally cleansing and healing calcium bentonite clay to help whiten and brighten teeth, from a unique desert source recently discovered under a seal of zeolite where it had lain pristine and undisturbed for the last 40 million years. This is, we feel, the purest, most powerful clay in the world. Molecules of clay carry a negative electrical charge and draw positive ions to it. Interestingly, toxins, bacteria and the like are positively charged. These impurities are captured and held in the clay. The rest of the recipe I based upon an ancient Swiss tooth-whitening formula to which I added a bit of baking soda, fine sea salt, superfine pumice and pure peppermint and cinnamon. We love the flavor of Tooth Polish, too. We hope you enjoy our Tooth Polish as much as we do!



My teeth feel cleaner than when they were just polished at the Dentist's and this happens every single time I use your incredible toothpowder! Since they were yellowed in my youth from some vaccination and antibiotics I received, I havent been able to restore them to a whiter look until using your toothpowder. Now bit by bit I am seeing more white and without using any caustic chemicals, just organic and wild-crafted substances! My gums are much healthier and don't bleed anymore at all. The refreshing taste and cleanliness lasts and lasts ---I find I wake up in the morning with sweeter breath and cleaner-feeling teeth. - C.W.


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Tooth Polish contains baking soda, calcium bentonite clay, citrus seed extract, ground cinnamon bark, peppermint essential oil, powdered dried orange peel, powdered dried sage herb, sea salt, triple extra-fine pumice.

Use once a week or so to brighten teeth. Dispense a small amount into the clean palm of your hand, pick up with a wettened toothbrush. Gently brush teeth, avoid swallowing, rinse well. Do not use daily. Use Evan's Garden Tooth & Gum Powder or Natural Toothpaste and Tooth & Gum Rinse for daily dental hygiene.