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Velvet™ Fruit and Flowers Facial Scrub

$15.97 - $44.50
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Velvet's ingredients are the elite of Nature's skin-nurturing, anti-oxidant plants. Velvet treats the skin royally.

For exfoliation, we chose apricot seeds and apricot kernels for their legendary antioxidant effects plus finely ground luffa for gentleness. Go ahead if your skin is hearty and scrub... it feels great! But if you are hesitant to scrub your skin, Velvet can be delicately applied to very gentle result. Also highly beneficial is the circulatory stimulation that Velvet can provide, both from the action of scrubbing and the particular essential oils selected.

Velvet is a facial scrub for the loveliest exfoliation imaginable with flowers, nuts, grains and other skin-loving plants to help you gently slough off dead cells and debris that collect on the skin's surface each day and to encourage new cellular growth. It leaves the skin feeling literally like velvet, so smooth, so softened. Velvet tightens and tones, refines the pores and greatly nourishes the skin with special essential oils and other nutrients. Smells delicious!


Please keep Velvet Fruit and Flowers Facial Scrub refrigerated.


When ordering Velvet, please add a cold pack to your cart so that we may ship it cold. (If you are purchasing any other product which we suggest a cold pack and refrigeration for, only one cold pack is needed (unless you are buying a good many jars.)

Velvet Fruit and Flowers Facial Scrub contains aloe vera gel, apricot kernels, avocado oil, bamboo powder, borage seed oil jojoba oil, calendula flowers, callophyllum inophyllum oil, coconut oil, Co-Enzyme Q-10, comfrey leaf, comfrey root, evening primrose oil, fragrance (pure essential oils), geranium hydrosol, citrus seed extract, grape seed oil, ground luffa, lavender flowers, lavender hydrosol, lipoic acid, liquid trace minerals complex, Montmorillonite clay, neem oil, neroli hydrosols, oat tops bran, oat tops powder, pure mountain spring water, rose hip seed oil, rose hydrosol, rosemary extract, sea clay, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, sweet almond or apricot oil, sweet leaf herb, tapioca starch, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E ( mixed tocotrienols & mixed tocopherols), xanthan gum, yucca root.



After cleansing with DreamSoap, scrub gently, avoiding eyes. Rinse, dry and moisturize as needed. If rash or any allergic reaction develops, discontinue use.


Keep Velvet refrigerated.


Please add a cold pack to your cart to put in the box when we ship your Velvet Fruit and Flowers Facail Scrub to you. (If you are purchasing any other product that we suggest a cold pack and refrigeration for, only one cold pack is needed (unless you are buying a good many jars.)

This is a good facial scrub. It has a nice, light scent and it leaves my face and neck feeling soooo soft and clean.
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