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Aromatherapy Perfume Oil – Bouquet de Reves™

$3.75 - $49.75
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Bouquet de Rêves™ (Bouquet of Dreams) - When formulating this aromatherapy perfume, I decided to include in it oil of each kind of plant or plant part from which essential oils may be derived: seeds, wood or bark, flowers, moss, leaves, fruits, rinds, needles, roots, resins. I intended to express my awe of the diversity and the co-existence of nature. There is an appreciative thought in this perfume of harmony and larger purpose. Bouquet de Rêves may share with you the calm yet alert and creative qualities which its ingredients have been found to possess. This is a bouquet of dreams. It's a joyous, ultra-feminine scent... floral, spicy, sensual and sophisticated. Pronounce this something like "boo-kay deuh rhev" and you will feel oh-so French!

Aromatherapy Perfume Oils contains a proprietary blend of plant essences, essential oils, jojoba and/or grape seed oil.

Use as you would any perfume with this caution: being oil-based, our perfume oils have the potential to stain certain fabrics. Avoid applying in such a way that the oil is likely to come into contact with clothing or other fabrics. 

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