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Natural Skin Care, Mineral Makeup & Body Care

Handcrafted with Love

Welcome to Evan's Garden!
We're a small, family company known for our personal customer care and superb all-natural products. These are handcrafted in small, fresh batches -- an old-fashioned approach, about as far from mass-manufacturing as it gets. Our customers notice a "made with love" quality.  They got that right.  
Evan uses top-quality, organic ingredients in formulas she creates with no compromise...what she cares about is effectiveness, purity and safety....and, yes, you!
As important as what is in these products is what's left out: petroleum; toxic chemicals; cheap fillers; dead, processed ingredients...the common, cheap garbage that sometimes appears, with some natural ingredients, in all too many "natural" products. Why be so particular? Because our bodies are part of nature, have co-evolved with and respond to natural substances in as close to whole, vibrant condition as possible. 
We make it easier for you to live a natural, healthy lifestyle and indulge yourself in nature's bounty! 
Evan's Garden has been online over twenty years now. Hooray! It started actually in 1999 when, informed that she needed dental surgery, Evan considered that the last option. She felt there would be a workable gentler, herbal approach. So began the search - health food stores, the internet. Nothing turned up containing the plants she was looking for. So, she made her own and with Tooth & Gum Powder, surgery ended up...unnecessary. Evan gave some to friends and family -- and encouraged by their oooh's and aaah's, she formularted more. These creations made hits, too.  "You ought to share these with more than the people you already know," said they. Thus Evan's Garden was born.
When you browse the site, first create an account so if you need help, we can respond easily and so ordering is fast and easy. The link where you can create a new account or access your acount is in the upper righthand corner of the page, "My Account." 
Thanks and again, welcome!


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Totally natural perfumes, perfume oils and colognes.

Pure Mineral Make-up: Safe and gorgeous!

Evan Symonds' music CD, Barefoot Journeys!

Here you'll find products that are being discontinued when supplies run out.

Extras such as containers and cold packs for shipping which you may need and want.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need help. You can write me at  It's seriously totally okay and we get to say "hi" in person.