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Perfume Solid

$15.95 - $21.75
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PSBH5Beach House™ Perfume Solid, 5-ml pot0.027 LBS ($19.75)
PSEMB5Embrace™ Perfume Solid, 5-ml pot0.027 LBS ($19.75)
PSEDG5Esprit de Girl™ Perfume Solid, 5-ml pot0.027 LBS ($15.95)
PSLOF5Lady of the Flowers™ Perfume Solid, 5-ml pot0.027 LBS ($15.95)
PSRE5Rose Enchantment™ Perfume Solid, 5-ml pot0.027 LBS ($21.75)
PSTRAN5Transcendence™ Perfume Solid, 5-ml pot0.027 LBS ($16.25)
PSTJ5Tres Jolie™ Perfume Solid, 5-ml pot0.027 LBS ($15.95)
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Perfume logos and descriptions

Now you have the choice of Eau de Parfum, Perfume Oil and Perfume Solid!

Our Aromatherapy Perfume Solids hold their scent admirably, go on easily, and are totable wherever you go.

These solid perfumes are concocted of very rare, exotic and luscious natural essences. Our perfume oil blends are added to a base of pure, organic beeswax and organic jojoba oil.

Perfume Solids carry the very same scents and are as concentrated as our other perfumes.we think you'll be delighted.

Please see the perfume logos and fragrance descriptions on another tab here.
Truly natural perfumes will blend quite uniquely with the person who is wearing them so as to end up smelling possibly different on different individuals. You may have an affinity for (like a lot) a certain plant. And then your mood, your wavelength may adjust the balance of ingredients to make for variation. I have smelled so many wrists with my perfumes applied. The same scent on Gal A can be just about the same or very different on Gal B. It's fascinating, really.

My perfumes, made of natural essences with the stamp of life in every drop, interact with the body and perform or function as do the plants they come from.  Wearing my perfumes, we not only smell gorgeous, we're exposed to the
living powers of the plants.

Enjoy these pots of perfume that allow you to indulge safely in the beauty of nature.



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The perfume logos shown here are Eau de Parfum or Eau de Cologne labels but you can see the artwork intended to convey a message about each fragrance.



   Beach House Perfume is one of my own favorites. It's so happy and with many subtle scents cnveying the impression of abundant summer garden by the seaside.


You lay down your book, close your eyes and inhale the warm, summer scents...ocean, sand, flowers, suntan lotion. Beach House™ perfume brings you a glorious day at the beach with its sunny, fruity, floral fragrance. You can almost hear the waves lapping.





Bouquet de Rêves (Bouquet of Dreams) - When formulating this aromatherapy perfume, I decided to include in it oil of each kind of plant or plant part from which essential oils may be derived: seeds, wood or bark, flowers, moss, leaves, fruits, rinds, needles, roots, resins. I intended to express my awe of the diversity and the co-existence of nature. There is an appreciative thought in this perfume of harmony and larger purpose. Bouquet de Rêves may share with you the calm yet alert and creative qualities which its ingredients have been found to possess. This is a bouquet of dreams. It's a joyous, ultra-feminine scent... floral, spicy, sensual and sophisticated. Pronounce this something like "boo-kay deuh rhev" and you will feel oh-so French!




Embrace is floral, fruity and a bit woody. This aromatherapy perfume will delight you with the quirky way it transforms itself to match you personally (it smells subtly different on people). With some extremely rare, precious essential oils, Embrace aromatherapy perfume is always elegant and so feminine!







Esprit de Girl is a predominantly floral perfume, ethereal, delicate, no doubt about it ultra-feminine, with just the right touch of complimentary deeper tones supporting it. It contains pure floral essences that one may have encountered only by breathing in the actual flowers, but, my guess is, not until now in a perfume. When you smell Esprit de Girl, you're inhaling flowers. It’s a happy, girlish, endearing scent.









Lady of the Flowers, fresh flowers amidst the sensuality of vanilla and other rare essences. An aromatherapy scent that is sublimely happy, feminine and and subtly, deliciously sensual.







Odalisque is a very sexy, floral scent with spicy, vanilla undertones. What is an "Odalisque"? It is the name of the kind of painting which depicts a woman reclining and looking inviting. Our Odalisque aromatherapy perfume will leave you feeling relaxed and inviting too.







Rose Enchantment - There is something deeply moving about roses in aromatherapy perfume. Capturing the scent of a rose in full bloom was a challenge I undertook with near-religious devotion to the true nature of this glorious flower. Pure rose essences do not mirror the exact chemical balance in most aromatherapy perfumes, as exists in a rose on the stem. Some aromatherapy perfumes miss the fruitier, high "notes" that tend to be lessened during the extraction process. To create the perfect Rose aromatherapy perfume, I selected the most beautiful, true, pure rose essences. Then I amplified and filled in the scent with other pure essential oils. We hope you fall in love with this aromatherapy perfume as we have.



Tapestry is exotic, floral, musky. One aromatherapy perfume ingredient, a very rare, precious essence from India, we are told is used as both an aphrodisiac and in doing yoga. This aromatherapy Perfume transports you to castles, caravans and other places and times. Bon voyage!





Tres Jolie - This aromatherapy perfume is so very pretty, so sweet, fresh, warm, that I call it Tres Jolie - Very Pretty. For interest, you pronounce that - as close as I can duplicate the French sound with letters - "trhay jzhoe-lee," However we end up saying it, it’s the scent and feeling it lends that count. I am wild for this aromatherapy perfume.







YaYa - A scrumptious, fruity scent, with hints of flowers and spice light-hearted and fun!