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PsoriAssist™ Herbal Salve

.75 oz.
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This natural herbal salve contains natural ingredients reputed to be most helpful in certain situations. Try it and see!



Disclaimer: While we make every effort to research and develop the finest natural products, we offer our products as-is and with the understanding that we make no structural or functional claims for them.

Statements made by customers giving their experiences with products are personal testimonials and any results are not claimed by us to be typical. Our customers are encouraged to try the products and see for themselves. Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.

We are not licensed medical practitioners. We, obviously, do not examine, diagnose, treat or prescribe for anyone nor do we do anything that could remotely be considered offering medical advice. We merely state data that can be verified by independent research, which we encourage our visitors and customers to do. We do feel that one owns one's body and as such can best be responsible for its care and that, with that purpose in mind, truthful natural health information is not only our right to give (as per the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America) but is ethical to give. We write well-known, time-honored and otherwise available health data — which is data, no more, no less. We expect and encourage people to consult in any health decision a licensed practitioner and very preferably one well trained and oriented in natural methodologies.

Psori-Assist contains aloe vera gel, Australian tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia) essential oil, beeswax, benzoin essential oil, bergamot essential oil, birch essential oil, borage seed oil, burdock root, calendula herb, callophyllum inophyllum, carnauba wax, castor oil, chamomile German hydrosol, chamomile German essential oil, chamomile Roman essential oil, Dead Sea mud, dulse powder, evening primrose oil, flax oil, galbanum essential oil, geranium hydrosol, citrus seed extract, horse chestnut seed extract, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, lavender hydrosol, lecithin (liquid, non-GMO soy), neem leaf powder, neem oil, oat tops, olive leaf extract, olive oil, pistachio nut oil, pumpkin seed oil, rose essential oil, rose hydrosol, rosemary hydrosol, sandalwood hydrosol, sesame oil, shea butter, spikenard essential oil, trace mineral complex (liquid), witch hazel hydrosol, yarrow hydrosol.

Clean area and massage in. Apply 2 to 3 times daily for an extended period. Caution: For external use only. Not for children under 10 years of age. Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as eyes. Avoid use before direct exposure to sunlight, as bergamot oil is photo-sensitizing. If rash or allergic reaction develops, discontinue use. Not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease. In that case, consult a physician.

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