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Here is how to find the full line-up of these amazing filters. Go through my Pure Effect Filters page.


This system not only filters the widest range of contaminants, but also raises alkaline pH gently and naturally by a process similar to how water picks up its alkaline minerals in nature, as it flows over riverbeds. And all for just a fraction of what water ionizer machines (artificial alkalization) cost.


It also features a built-in flow regulator (a commonly overlooked, but crucial feature) to ensure that the water is not passing through the system too quickly.  This in turn provides optimal contact time with filtration media and more effective contaminant absorption.  This is a powerful "All-in-One" solution for water revitalization and wide-range modern-day contaminant elimination.


Order your filter direct from the manufacturer:

Note: The filter system comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. The manufacturer also handles customer service, installation questions and replacement filter cartridges.


PHASE 1: (Chemicals & Sediment) The 1st clear-blue chamber which the water enters contains a premium coconut shell 0.5 micron Carbon Block, which has the micro-pore capacity for wide-range chemical adsorption as well as removal of sediment about 100x smaller than the width of human hair.  It also regulates the proper flow of water so to allow enough contact time with purification media.  


PHASE 2: (Fluoride)  Next, the water enters the 2nd chamber, where an entire cartridge is dedicated to Fluoride Reduction using the advanced FluorSorbTM (alumina-free) Activated Carbon Media Bonded with a unique Calcium Substrate, which is capable of effectively absorbing the negatively charged fluoride ions.  This is crucial as Fluoride requires sufficient contact time with a sufficient amount of media to be removed from the water.  


PHASE 3: (Radiation, Heavy Metals & Revitalization) As the water reaches the 3rd chamber (4 additional phases within itself) it comes in contact with the proprietary AntiRad-PlusTM cartridge, which features the Patented KDF55 Media, Activated Zeolite, Advanced Catalytic Activated Carbon and a food-grade Calcium media.  The Zeolite we use is the same as being used by various nuclear powerplants across the world to remove radiation from their water.  This final phase significantly reduces heavy metals, radiation, algae, molds and additional chemicals, it completes the filtration process by revitalizing your water as follows:


-  Natural Zeolite and Calcium release trace Electrolytes & Minerals, in-turn, helping to raise pH by a factor of 15, (apx. from 7.0 to 8.5) to make water more nutritious, naturally alkaline and pH balanced.  


- Improves Negative REDOX (antioxidant potential) by charging the water with extra electrons (subatomic negative charges), turning your water into a natural free-radical fighter, which may help slow the human aging process.  This is due to the electrochemical process that takes place using the patented KDF55® Media.


Included with the unit: 

1. ANTIRAD-PlusTM Anti Radiation cartridge
2. FluorSorbTM Fluoride Reduction cartridge.
3. Premium 0.5 Micron Carbon Block cartridge.
4. Tubing, Spout, Connectors, Faucet Diverter and Adapters.



I. CHEMICALS: (Wide-Range, Large-Capacity)
a. Fluoride / Arsenic / Lithium
b. Chlorine
c. Chloramine
d. Drug Residues
e. Hydrogen Sulfide
f. Herbicides/Pesticides
g. Volatile Organics (VOCs)**
h. Synthetic Organics (SOCs)**
i. Hormone/Endocrine Disruptors (EDCs)**
j. THMs**, MTBE**
*Addresses the major radioisotopes from Fukushima Disaster.  
a. Cesium-137 /134
b. Strontium-90
c. Iodine-131
d. Radium
e. Radon
f. Plutonium
g. Cerium-144
h. Rubidium-106
i. Cobalt-60
j. Uranium
k. Zr/NB
l. Alpha Particles

a. Iron
b. Mercury
c. Barium
d. Lead 
e. Aluminum
f. Copper
g. Cadmium
h. Hexavalent Chromium & other + charged metal ions.

a. Sediment (suspended particles)
b. Silica
c. Microbial Cysts
d. Parasites
e. Bacteria*

a. Raises/Balances pH to Alkaline.
b. Supports Natural Minerals.
c. Supports Natural Electrolytes.
d. Improves Negative Redox (Antioxidant potential of water).
e. Discourages bacterial/fungal growth.
f. Works without electricity.
g. "Instant & Constant" Fresh Water Flow.
h. Easy & Quick Install.

Compare this system to:  
A. Reverse Osmosis  
B. Gravity Filters     
C. Faucet Filters


Connection & Component Quality

This system easily connects to your faucet using a special diverter in place of your current aerator, and with a pull of a switch redirects cool/cold water through the filter when needed, it automatically resets once water is turned off so that you can continue to use the faucet for doing dishes, etc.


The filter unit body is NSF Certified and made of BPA-Free & Phthalate-Free, Precision-Machined, High-Strength Plastics, the Spout is 100% Stainless Steel (non-corrosive).  The company does not cut corners on quality.  By purchasing any of these Pure Effect products, you will also be supporting the U.S. economy and U.S. workers.


Be sure to check out ALL the filters that Pure Effect offers. A new one also completely disinfects the water!  Over-the-counter, under-the-counter, whole house -- these filters affordably provide you truly pure water with healthful pH, too. 


Order your filter direct from the manufacturer.