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The water you drink and bathe in plays a huge role in your health, energy and longevity.
Municipal water systems were designed only to deliver water that is free of the most immediate threats to public health such as deadly bacteria (typhoid, cholera and others that killed thousands in epidemics in earlier centuries). Unfortunately, the process of treating water to make it "safe" in terms of bacteria turns the water harmful in many other ways.
Chlorine and chloramine (a combination of chlorine and ammonia) are toxic to the body and cause damage. Chlorine itself also reacts with traces of pesticides and other contaminants in water to make potent carcinogens called trihalomethanes (THMs). The EPA's "solution" for this was to require the use of chloramines, which produce less THMs. The problem is, while chlorine is easy to filter out of water, chloramine is not so easy.
Chloramine requires much better filters and the filters are used up faster. And chloramines are NOT safe, contrary to the powers that be. For instance, fish will die in chloramine water. People who are on kidney dialysis will sicken and die on chloramine water. If chloramine water kills fish and kills people on dialysis after only short exposures, why then is chloramine water "safe" for everyone else to drink for a lifetime?
Then there is the issue of fluoride. The justification used for adding this to water is that it helps protect against tooth decay. That claim is very debatable but even if true, the downsides of fluoride make it a crime to add to our water supplies. Fluoride can cause staining of teeth (fluorosis), make bones brittle (leading to many more fractures than would otherwise occur), and fluoride interferes with thyroid function and this can lead to problems including low energy, depression and other ills that are then "treated" with drugs whose effects are often worse than the conditions they are treating. Check out this website for a real exposé on fluoride.
The skin also absorbs chemicals from water and exposure via the skin can actually exceed what one gets from drinking.
Don't expect that having a filter on your sink, a brand that can be commonly found at the supermarket, Walmart or Target, will handle this situation. If you have chlorine, chloramine and fluoride in your water supply, you need a filter that reduces or removes these contaminants and other chemicals from the water you drink and, if at all possible, the water you bathe in.  We have found that very, very few filters do the job adequately.
We've been looking for an affordable whole-house system to deal with chloramine and flouride for five years, since our own community defied public protests and decided to add these chemicals to our water supply. Many people including us cannot afford to spend $5,000 to $7,000 right off the bat for water filtration.
Imagine our delight to find workable solutions for less than a third of the cost of other systems! We've partnered with the supplier of excellent systems to bring it to our customer-friends.
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